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Thats it.... Can I have a shooter in da house?

Do you want to have a LEGAL gun in your house???   

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  1. 1. Do you want to have a legal gun in you'r house?

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Lets get real someone breaks into your house they are not there to kiss you so blast the crap out of them dont try for a head shot but a body shot center chest .... if the guy broke into your house the police do not really care who fired the gun . Might suggest you buy a BRANDED gun the home made ones can and do stick due to low quality control... of course always follow the LAW

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Well guys....great news. Accordinding to 'another forum' of which some here are also members this news report from The Freeman PROVES you can all go out & get your LEGAL gun licenses right now:

Court orders release of American bizman's guns


CEBU, Philippines – The licensed firearms of American businessman Robert Nicolas Granthom was released yesterday after Judge Soliver Peras signed the motion to release them.


Atty. Noel Archival, counsel of Granthom, told The FREEMAN over phone interview that the firearms were released around 3:30 p.m. yesterday.


Granthom, 41, through Archival, has filed a motion in court to release his licensed firearms.


Archival said the low-powered firearms are still under the custody of Peras but he added they will gradually get back all the firearms of Granthom.


Peras has ordered his sheriff to accompany Granthom and Archival as they bring the firearms to the residence of Granthom to avoid being apprehended because of the existing gun ban because of the barangay election.


The firearms were confiscated from the custody of Granthom in his residence on V. Ranudo St., Barangay Cogon-Ramos, Cebu City with the virtue of search warrant issued by Peras.


Operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) were able to confiscate CZ 9mm pistol, a Walther P22 with silencer, a H&K 9 mm pistol, a Walther G22 rifle, and a KWC airsoft pistol, a 10 M-16 magazines, three boxes of Remington 9mm ammunition, another box containing live 9mm rounds, a box of M-16 rounds, a box containing caliber .45 cal. rounds, a .45 cal. barrel, and 41 .45 cal. rounds.


The agents also found nine pieces of combat knives, five holsters, four digital weighing scales, assorted small plastic sachets, assorted tablets, and four plastic packs containing stubs.


Earlier, Supt. Rex Derilo, chief of the Firearms, Explosives, Security Agency and Guards Supervisory Section, denied any hand in the arrest of Granthom, saying it was the NBI that submitted them faulty information.


The NBI told them the suspect's name was Robert Nicolas Sombrano Granthom, so when the FESAGSS checked the national records, they found no one with that name who is licensed to carry firearms.


Derilo then issued a certificate to this effect and this certificate was the basis of the NBI's implementation of the search warrant against the American businessman.


However the suspect's real named turned out to be Robert Nicolas Sembrano Granthom. A second search proved that Robert Nicolas Sembrano Granthom owns eight licensed firearms, had another license revoked and was in the process of having another firearm licensed. (FREEMAN)





pssst...! You need to ignore this though:


Granthom's family resides in the United States. His mother works there as a physician while his American father is a retired medicine manufacturer.


Cebu Daily News


Guessing he is Dual citizen but hey don't let a detail like that stop you huh.

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I prefer a long-knife much more personal, and will not kill a child 3 blocks away, as some non-shooting ass-hole will shooting repeatedly at moving shadows without night-sites. If they get the drop on you, then they will have your gun They can have my knife but they will not be leaving with my gun to harm another human.


If they make it legal then I will get one. along with a vault or lock box and trigger lock. Shotgun is still best for all manner of pest.

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This debate is older than Moses....



Owning a gun Legally? here's the answer:


If you are a filipino as defined by the constitution of the Philippines then YES.... If Not, then NO... Quite simple...


Less than legal? Answer: of course you can.


Having a gun in the house was the question: YES absolutely. I have a lot of them. None are registered to me however. Are they legal? YES. Can I use them if I need to? ABSOLUTELY YES.

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