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Tomato Soup Fix


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For some reason I needed a Campbells Tomato soup fix..I bought some Del Monte Pasta sauce(spicy tomato&cream) at Savemore and mixed it with milk...It really tasted good,even better than Campbells..Sometimes improvising what you cannot get here turns out pretty good...I will also buy that sauce for pasta now...

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The grocery store in Ayala sometimes has tomato soup. I need it for stuffed peppers.

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The grocery store in Ayala sometimes has tomato soup. I need it for stuffed peppers.

I love stuffed peppers. Do you have a good recipe?

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I don't like tinned soup, especially 'cream of' versions - not good for ones health.


One 'real' tomato soup that I used to like was the 'Yellow Cab' home made Tomato Soup - better than any tinned soup.

Not sure if Yellow Cab still offer it? Went to the one on Ayala Terraces and no more, the cheaper one, was no where near as good!


David Whittall

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I made a good and colorful soup yesterday, the locals loved it.


2 small fried onions(or 1 big)

1 carrot, sliced to small pieces

3 gloves of garlic

7-8 sliced baguio beans

1/2 can of whole kernel sweet corn

1/2 large green bell pepper

1 can diced tomato

1 small chopped chili, more if you like it spicy - or just some Tabasco.

White beans if you like, or chick peas

Salt, pepper, oregano, pimiento hot paprika powder or paprika powder, or other spices you like.

Chicken stock*, about 1 liter


Fry the onions slightly in some oil, add the hard veggies and stir like a wok for a few minutes, softening them a bit. Add the garlic, then the tomatoes and let it sir for a few minutes. Then add the stock and let it boil. Reduce heat and let it boil easily for 30 minutes or so. Add the corn and the white beans or chick peas the last 15 minutes.


You can serve it with rice or bread.


*For the chicken stocking; I usually make this soup day after I've made some chicken curry. The bones and leftovers from the chicken I put in a casserole with one onion and one carrot chopped in chunky bits, let it boil for 30-40 minutes or so. Remove the onions but you can keep the carrots. When the chicken is cold, wash your fingers and remove the meat from it, put back inside. You'll be amazed how much leftover there is. Put it back with the stockings and use it later that day, or in the fridge for tomorrow.(or freeze it for later).

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