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Allowing Foreigners to Carry Guns


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  1. 1. Do you think foreigners should be allowed to carry/own licensed guns in the philippines?

    • Yes
    • No
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    • Omg im a scared little baby liberal who doesnt like guns. I call the police to come scrape my body from the road after the criminals have had their way.

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Wombat No More

Gidday all.


I'm not exactly undecided but I go along with the basic premise of Paul's answer.


I don't believe it would ever happen but my basic ideas are as follows. Bearing in mind also that I have extensively used long (most) and short arms in my time and like a lot of guys here, have fired many thousands (countless) of rounds. Although mine have been fired at ranges both as an armed forces personel or with civilian clubs or Prison services. I've also taught weapon and range safety in my time and I really enjoyed the activities. Done a lot of hunting in my quite young man years also but have turned off that for decades.


Ideas on foreigners owning and carrying a concealed weapon in the Philippines:


-There should be a licence to own available to a foreigner for the use of, within the bounds of his home and for firing practise at a licenced range (club membership). (We have that now for home use, but it's under the wife/gf).


-A permit to carry a gun outside the home should not be issued unless credible cause can be shown (I may fall into this category) and such permit renewed at regular intervals only while the credible cause continues to exist.


-An extensive training and safety course should be required to be completed (actually completed) for those who have no prior military or other related training, including prior active gun club membership. People with experience/training should be required to complete a refamiliarisation course (just to keep the authorities happy I guess)


-All gun owners required to be reassed with at least one practical firing exercise at a range each year unless they are an active gun club member.


That's just a couple of things to look at but really, gun ownership is not a joke and there are too many jokers out there that would turn it into the wild west and this sort of control is necessary to keep things as normal as possible and keep firearms out of the hands of the many wankers who WILL use them innapropriately, especially as one poster said, when they're drunk. Imagine the foreigner bashing in the press and at official levels then and foreigner gun ownership would be the shortest lived measure ever introduced I wager.


While this gun ownership may seem like a good idea, the reality of it all is that there is little or no need to carry a firearm. Sure, keep one in your home (like I do) if you are worried but it needs to be owned and licenced to your Filipina wife or such and you can use it in and around your home boundary only and for the protection of the people and property within. It is also my experience that MOST people are either abhorred by guns, neutral or are excited at seeing one or the prospect of touching one. Imagine the excitement levels if many of these people could actually own one. (Foreigners can generally own one because they can afford to buy). I also know the high level of accidental discharges that will come from these people, even if they are safety trained. Guns... LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS WILL YA, some of those have enough accidents for all of us anyway.


I voted "undecided", because I have never really put much thought into this. After pondering it over for a while, I would probably be in favor of it, though.


Do note that, while living in the USA, I was ProGun all the way. Over the years, I owned a number of different firearms. Likewise, here, I believe that Filipinos should also have the right to carry guns.


But, on a personal note, I have never felt unsafe here, nor have I felt as though I needed a gun to protect my life. This is after having experienced two separate altercations over the years, where a weapon, one gun and later one knife, were pulled on me.

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..... the shotguns they carry are hardly fitting to take out somebody with a well placed shot ....



Actually for the ranges and surroundings involved they're probably close to perfect.



okay thanks that actually makes sense and gives me a bit more ease

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Wombatphil's comment is right on the mark. We just have to remember that the bad guys will always have weapons and us, the good guys will be their target. We should also note that Cebu has a large underground gun making industry. To be forwarned is to be forarmed.

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