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Web Site Developer Required

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A Filipino was asked some two months ago to design a new web site for me. Although I asked for a number of changes to be made, that developer has sat on his hands and done no work on my site in over a month. He is, apparently, in dispute with a fellow Forum member who contracted him to make the site on my behalf with the result that I'm left without a site that I have paid for.


Although the developer gave me the log-in and password for the development site last Friday so that I could add content, he has since changed the password thus preventing me accessing my own site!


I am hoping to be able to get the site transferred from its current development host to my host but I don't posses the necessary expertise to complete it, make it spambot/download manager/spider proof and search-engine friendly.


If you posses - and can demonstrate to me that you have - the expertise to either complete the project, or re-engineer it from scratch, then please contact me as soon as possible. I have a Linux host on a fast server (100 MBit link) and, I understand that the CMS used is WordPress "Developer Edition"(?) and uses a custom template. You can see the site as it currently exists here.





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The guy did you a favor...that website is quite pangit.


My bro used a guy in Angeles to do his website. It would take him around P5000 and 2 weeks would get your website complete.


PM me if you want the guy's email address...you can work out everything with him.

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Hi there,


I am a professional web developer, if you still have issues with your site feel free to contact me.




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I can do it.


I only do custom build sites, so if you wan't a predone CMS engine i dont do it.


Custom buildt = stronger security. But offcourse more costly.


My ongoing rate are 750,-Nkr/h (ap. php 5000/h)

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