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Sam, what is your profession that affords you interaction with US immigration cases? I certainly hope that you have a secretary.


What difference does it make what is my profession now or was in the past?? I'm not obligated to disclose that nor I think it's relevant especially when I'm NOT here to get clients, hi-fy patting, hullar or to join your "fan club"; rather I'm here simply to participate in a discussion and to provide my opinions based on the info that I know about a subject matter. You know so well that I've been a very controversial figure on this site from the time I joined this site and most members (like yourself, skyman, Headshot, etc) don't like me and my views so well. Thus, I don't care what people think of me over here so long I know I'm doing the right thing.


Given your statement wherein you have stated about hoping me to have a secretary then it's quite obvious that you are asking this information about me just to make other irrelevant and derrogatory statements to divert the attention from the main discussion and to get points for your fan-club by looking a way to putting me down then do what please you. OK. As I told you and others so many times that I'm who I'm and it's not gonna change of what you and others think of me. I'm not here to please you or anyone else nor I'm here to show my perfection whether in life in general or in my profession or in English language or whatever. So if you wanna judge people based on how and what they write on a public board then be my guest. It doesn't bother me because I rather use my time, energy and efforts to discuss important and relevant matters than who is who or English is bad or other statements. Again, you do what please you but I've no time to waste my energy and efforts in childish and all those stuffs which are irrelevant here. And I'm sure that you know that anyone, regardless of a lawyer or not, or the one who doesn't know about English at all or whatever, can participate in any public forum to share and provide his/her opinion than having everything perfection or at least better to your standard.


Just to kill your curiosity- I have helped thousands of immigrants, if not millions, to obtain US tourist visa, green card and US citizenship, which I've been doing for the last 7 years....and very aggressively since I'm EXTREMELY passionate about US immigration laws.


And just to correct you (obviously again) that- I've NOT said, not even once, that consular/immigration officer can deny an application for immigrant visa based on his/her feeling alone; instead I've been very clear in my statements from the beginning that an application for immigrant visa CAN be denied and does get denied everyday despite of whatever other reasons you have mentioned. I even went on further to break this up by saying that most of the time those denial are for the reason of not having bonafide marriage despite of applicants to have submitted thousands of evidences of their marriage. If a consular/immigration officer is not satisfied/convinced with whatever evidences are submitted to prove the bonafide of marriage, there is nothing anyone can do. If one is adjusting the status in the US then they can appeal the decision of the immigration officer, but there is no appeal when a case is processed outside the appeal.


Also, I would like you to know one fact one more time which I've already told you previously which you have obviously ignored or didn't comprehend- having (obtaining/granting) a green card is a privilege and not a right. If you know what is the meaning of this statement then there wouldn't be any more discussion. Further, I think you are kept ignoring the fact that officers are given (by laws) discretional authority wherein they can approve an application which shouldn't be approved (seen thousands of times) and they can also deny an application which should be approved based on their discretion. So here you go to have the asnwer to your questions.


Oh by the way, I thought you would educate me by pointing out the relevant part of US immigration laws wherein it states that a spousal visa application cannot be denied other than on those grounds you have mentioned about because you have said in your posting that "by laws". I'm still waiting, pal, to be educated.


Unless you have something relevant to matters affecting people's lives, I'm not interested in wasting my energy/time/efforts in entertaining you. Sorry Roger.

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Sam that is an absolutely incorrect statement. By law, a spousal visa can not be denied except in cases of fraud, criminal record, or certain communicable diseases.

Roger,   With all due respect, I do know so well how is the procedure when it comes to adjustment of status (when applicant is in the US) and for obtaining an immigrant (when applicant is at abroad)

Headshot,   Emotions and sympathy don't play any role in applying US laws. Though I sincerely sorry for the condition of your mother (which I've openly stated a few times on this thread), yet still

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