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A heads up for Aussies

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Because of my frustration in buying a decent bike with a ladies frame in the Phils I purchased one over in Melbourne to send to the Visayas.


After spending the whole of Sunday afternoon dismantling it (split frame design) and finding out I needed an enormous Allen key and a crank puller to fit into a standard Balikbyan box.


I rang a few Balikbyan box companies


For a standard B.Box LBC wanted A$90 for the bike in its original box A$150 dealing with their call centre in the Phils with a poor VOIP connection was not easy.


Then I contacted Forex in Sydney and was really impressed with their service, they contacted me back in 20 minutes with a price for the bike....A$120 and told me they often arranged with the shipper to place on top of the other cargo. No need to strengthen the box and its insured.


For all those people asking why not buy in the Philippines.......well i have found it difficult either getting them to understand about sizing the bike and some of the components are the cheapest crap I have seen.


Now all I have to do is put the bike back together again!



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