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DV MOTORS in Minglanilla

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Just wondering if any of you know anything about this company.

Have seen one that they built and it looks nice.

They are Suzuki engine and chassis.

Prices range from 155-185



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Hi Bill


We live in Talisay. We bought our minivan from D.V. in Minglanilla. If it is still there they also have a place in Mandaue. We have had it about 1 year. It is automatic a/c(Suzuki a/c is marginal)chosen color, tinted windows. We paid at the time p156,000. p100,000 down and the balance in 3 monthly payments. no interest. I do not remember the man's name although I still have his card somewhere. He is the manager or owner; sort of chubby. If you tell him you are shopping around he will try to deal with you. All in all it has been a good van, it has survived my wife's brother so far. There were a few small problems , but they responded to them promptly and cheerfully and no attepted charge. Once when we had a maintenance issue they sent out their mechanic to deal with it. We of course paid for that one. I do not reccomend the automatic. It runs great no troubles yet but if the battery goes dead and it will you cannot push start it. But, then my wife only drives auto and it is her van. good luck shopping; if you ask I am sure other members can give you other choices on where to shop.


Note: We have had trouble with the rubber hose on the filler neck. No one here seems to know what fuel proof hose is. I am going to Suzuki in Mandaue this week to see if I can get the correct part.

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Bob Ward

Will they do work on other multicab/multivans that they did not sell? K's family is in need of a good mechanic! to settle some ongoing problems for good!

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