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2 Free Badass Video Games

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I hope admin doesn't mind me posting this. In a recent announcement on the steam group i'm part of there are listings of 2 video games which anyone can download/play for free are listed.


If any of you guys enjoy gaming, I'd like to ask you to come join us.


If any of you own a cyber cafe, install them in your cafe!


The first game is called Halflife 2 Deathmatch, which is not a new game, but you can get it for free through valve/steam offers listed in the thread linked to above. You can get HL2DM for free as part of a current (and very long ongoing) steam promotion for NVIDIA and ATI video card owners.


The second game is called Alien Swarm which is a top down 4 player coop game where you go through a campaign whacking and blasting aliens of all sorts. It's mad fun. This is a free release for anyone to download and play FOR FREE as they wish.


Server information for the servers i'm hosting are as follows.


Halflife 2 Deathmatch Address:


Alien Swarm #1 Server Address:


Alien Swarm #2 Server Address:


I'm also hosting a variety of other games, but they're pay to play (one time fee to purchase). These include counterstrike source, team fortress 2, left 4 dead 2 (2 servers online), and insurgency. THESE ARE ALL HOSTED ON 100MBIT LINE @ A PLDT OWNED DATACENTER AND ARE THE ONLY GAME SERVERS ON SUCH A LINE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY! Come join in the mayhem.

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