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Pitta Pocket breads


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My wife worked as an OFW cook/housekeeper for 14 years in the Middle East, mainly Kuwait and Dubai. Her last employer insisted she made pitta bread and naan bread before breakfast. i like a nice english breakfast - smoky bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding etc. The pitta breads are ideal. simply open the fresh pocket, liine it with HP sauce, then smoky bacon, some egg strips, grilled tomatoes,, mushrooms etc. - Lovely sandwich. It takes her about 10 mins to make a dozen or so, simply flour, yeast, salt, spoon full of sugar. Knead it like a pizza dough, spin it around a bit to geta good circle, then place in a hot oven for about 5 mins. My wife prefer to use a glass fronted oven so she can whip it out when it starts to rise and bubble. I have a wood burning, brick oven , buts never has the same success.

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