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Safety Concerns

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First, don't live in the same area as your wife's family. They will either overprotect you or involve you in their long-standing disputes (through association) or both. Of course, a lot of the protection thing is an attempt at control, but I'm sure you already realize that. It makes sense to have some distance between your home and your relatives anyway, since that will avoid some of the inevitable requests for financial aid. Also, if anyone in the family is involved in politics in any way, being too close makes you...a target. Being on another island is ideal, but at least a half-hour drive time is a good idea.

The second school of thought is to live in the same town as your wifes family. If your wife is related to half the people in the town, you have a lot less to worry about. If your wife has a strong enough personality, she will handle and rebuke all requests for financial aid. If anybody asks you, just tell them that your wife handles any money and they need to talk to her.



Yes she is related to half the Brgy where she came from but I would never consider living in that area as too much poverty there.

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This scenario is common all over the Philippines. Some times the families are genuinely concerned depending on the location and circumstances. BUT, many times this is just a ploy to keep the foreigner

Thanks for fouling up my plans guys....I was trying to scare him into moving to Cebu instead.     How will my scheme to open a Taco Bell franchise in Cebu ever succeed if I don't make sure all the

That assessment is NOT true - the chances of being harmed in Cebu are far greater.

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