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metal frame building

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Well after 3 months still no reply on my mails and phonecalls,that`s the phil. way.

There was one company in Manilla who ask`d a few things like, is it storage, stable and we would like to see the building permit.

And the only thing that i ask`d was "can you sell me a metal frame building.

The purpose is not important to you....they cant even give me a price!!!

So I will check out other idea`s in Cebu City


Hi Stennis,


I'm not very knowledgable regarding metal framed buildings, but i do like to try and stay in the loop. I managed to find a company called JEA.




I dug around some handouts that i picked up during the 2006 construction show here in Cebu, I have two handouts in front of me now, one advertising JEA's light metal frames for internal walls and another for JEA's Hat Purlins, both handouts come with some specs on the rear.

If they are any use to you I could pass them on. just pm me


Perhaps there web site may be worth a visit, I cant find any phone numbers on the hand outs, so they could be based elsewhere in RP.


hope this helps





Hi John,

That company sounds identical to those in the USA that use all steel construction with the interior steel walls being non-load bearing. A person would have to want sheetrock walls. It is termite proof and fire resistant, but if you were very close to salt water, you may hesitate about using steel.


It would be interesting to find out what their costs are and how they compare with other Philippine construction.



Hi eyeout4u,


Having never used this light weight material for dividing or party walls I am a little sceptical about its sound and insulation qualities,


It seems to me that it will be a little like a drum when the surface is knocked, I know that this can be reduced by using a plaster board or a dense internal insulation, but this seems to increase costs, I need to construct a small section of stud wall [uSA dry wall] in my new house in pardo, but I will stick with termite treated timber, double the studs but half the width, this allows for a staggered internal skeleton to the stud wall, insulation can then be weaved amongst the studs. this reduces noise being transfered from either face of the wall as neither are directly attached........


I guess once a carpenter always a carpenter lol








When I was designing my office I had the potential problem of noise from the restrooms interfering with the conduct of business in the office next to those restrooms.


I looked up how to sound insulate walls and the solution you mention was exactly the same as the one that I considered. As you said, it usually only needs to be used on a small section of wall, so it really doesn't cost much and the fact that all your wood is treated, shouldn't cause a problem with termite infestation. You could also use double base and top 2"x4" plates and then stagger 2"x4" studs. The wall would then be 3.5" + 3.5" or 7" total thickness. This would allow for more insulation to be weaved between those studs. You could also use that thin foam that comes in rolls that is 3.5" in width to go under the bottom plate.


You are right that interior wall steel studs are very light weight, and of course non-load bearing. I think most of their strength is gained after they are screw gun attached to the sheetrock on both sides.


More bunny & fawn photos link:








Since you are probably going to use studs that are 1/2 the width (to maintain the existing wall thickness), you may want to use a screw gun instead of trying to nail them. Since the studs will be much less thick, nailing may cause them to splinter or break.

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thanks BUKWALI


i will contact them and see what they can do.

keep you posted.

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There is a place in madaue on the main road in south of San Miguel Beer and north of the PNB on the west side of the road only 50 meter south of CLub Harem that deals in Steel framing and supplies....This may or maynot help you...but it could get you started.



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Thanks guy`s you make me happy with all the adresses that i need.

I will check them all

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