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Growing Grass in the Philippines


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Most large feed stores sell grass seed in bulk. There is a turf blend that is used on park and school grounds. Then throw St Augustine seed once the turf blend takes hold, especially in shaded area. St Augustine can handle the heat and high humidity, but can stress under drought season, during these times the turf blend will hold up, but does poorer in the shade. St Augustine can handle 30% lower sunlight than Rye or Bermuda grasses which do poorly in shaded areas.


Note: turf blend, Bermuda, and St Augustine grasses can be mowed with a standard deck-top mower, but Rye grass requires a Combine style mower.


Thanks a lot for this article James, very helpful. I am off to buy some St Augustine.

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Are we talking hydroponic or having your grass field hidden in the Mountains of Balamban?

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No offense, but when I retire to a paradise island, mowing grass will be last on my list. Different stroke for different folks. cool_01.gif

i've threatened to put concrete over all of mine and paint it green on more then one occasion

Lawn watering is rationed here in SE Florida. Combine that with my not wanting to pay $80 to have a 20 X 50 foot area mowed twice a month and my being to lazy to do it myself and I had no choice. I pulled out all the grass, laid down a weed barrier, laid down wood chips, and put in a few trees and plants.

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Don't they sell real grass carpets in Cebu ?




Or you can put synthetic grass on several parts of your garden! Little maintainance, looks and feels great!

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Bermuda is great. Hardly needs cutting. When it is cut take it right down to the roots and it will soon turn green again. Problem is unless you request it they don't 'turf' They plant it in patches like a plant and let it grow together.

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