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There is very little profit in the rice business

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David a (HUGE) major company that has 50,000,000 peso to burn that wants to sell tons of rice but secretly ?? And your promoting this company that does not want to be known?? How could you send fellow foreigners to invest their retirement under such a shaky structure. I guess you could say .. not my problem read my disclaimer ? How can a person know if the company has a track record? Or is in good standing with the Government , and you said they want shareholders? so out of the goodness of your heart you are willing to give them a secret phone number If your not willing and the company dont want their name Known that should be a major red flag.. You really should sell used cars david or better yet used cell phones. David i dont give a hoot how much you collect for your HELP,, David if you told me in person that is was raining i would have to go outside and get wet first before i would believe you ...

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