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Damn Airlines are Getting Crazy Anal

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I wonder if my 100 lb wife could wear another 100 lb of of stuff in pockets? You know, wear a jacket and pants that have all those big bulky pockets and pack in the chocolates, books, underwear and other type things rather than putting it in check in.


She would only weight 200 lbs, which is still less than many other people on flights nowadays.


Yes ??? An overcoat, worn, with BULGING pockets is permitted.... :shit_stirrer: but I have been told my carry-on must not exceed 15pound???


UK Airline

Note: *You must be able to lift your cabin bag unaided into the overhead locker. You may take into the cabin one personal item such as a small handbag, purse, small briefcase, laptop (in a thin satchel) or baby-changing bag. Personal items are accepted at bmi's discretion.


So a weak old lady does what??? :voodoo: OOo0Pss or weak OLD man :rolleyes:


Eagle === I ALWAYS cary a "BABY" changing BAG :oldtimer:



How about a 4 ft tall filipina? Elevator shoes?


If you are wearing it then it isn't carry on. :why-me:


Already have one in the Golf Bag... :shitstormretarded:

a "consession" item of baggage ????


Eagle Tom

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I find it somewhat surprising that some (I assume) normally intelligent individuals from a leading first world country seem to forget the realities of modern life when contemplating a trip to the Phil

I know we all get upset over the over the weight limit issue when we arrive at the airport and have to deal with that surprise. The problem comes from it happening at the airport when you're already

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There comes a point though where it is ridiculous. My wife weighs her luggage before going to the airport. She flies American and their limit for international flights now is two check in bags 50 pounds each. They usually don't make a big deal out of it if one bag is a couple pounds over as long as the total is less than 100 pounds. This time she checked in and one bag was 51.5 and the other was 45. The check in person says "This bag is over so you will have to even them out or pay extra." So everyone in line behind her had to wait while she opened both bags on the floor in front of the counter and switched things around.

This is the exact situation I originally posted about. A couple pounds over and a couple pounds under and it's like you're trying to rob a bank or something. You have to go to the hassle of evening out the weights while everyone is held up and the end result is is the same amount of weight being on the plane so fuel costs are totally uneffected. I don't really believe the airlines have much concern for their workers backs either. If they did they would containerize the luggage but they don't because by loading the baggage loose they can cram more in and also take on additional cargo from other sources.


There is a maximum weight limit per bag. The fact that the sum of the weights of your baggage may be within the total allowance is completely irrelevant if the weight any of your bags exceeds the per bag weight limit.


Wide-bodied jets, such as 747s, do containerise baggage but only if both the departure and destination airports have the facilities to handle them. No airport in the Philippines has such equipment hence all baggage has to be loaded and unloaded in the hold by hand. It is considerably more dangerous to work in the hold, than with containers, especially when unloading since a stack of baggage may have become unstable in flight.


You also have to consider the physical stature of different countries' airport workers and that affects their reach as well as the weight that they can comfortably carry without injury. Lifting a 50 pound bag to place it on the baggage scales is one thing, but you try lifting that same bag several feet to stack it in an aircraft hold and do so repeatedly for, maybe, 600 or so bags that would be transported on an international flight.


So there are good reasons why the industry has imposed maximum weights and it's not necessarily about making money, no matter what you might think.





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