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On 8/4/2020 at 3:56 AM, sierra01 said:

I'd  like to send a couple of boxes to my GF in Mandaue, is it possible  to send them as Balikbayan boxes or is that only for Filipinos?

Next year, covid permitting, I'll  be retiring there, and will have household and personal stuff to ship.

I'm confused regarding regulations of sending the boxes, even a Filipino  friend isn't  100% certain.

The law says only OFW can use. In reality anyone can . No questions asked.

Last year the government tried to enforce the law. That lasted for about a month. Now its business as usual 😊

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Two years ago sent 23 bb boxes when moving here. Took 3 months from FL to my door outside Davao. No problems, none opened. I would know, used titebond to glue the top and bottom of the boxes, a lot of tape and put contents in large plastic bags so if someone else's boxes leaked would not get into mine. Addressed to my girlfriend and even changed delivery address in route.

Like you, I worried about the whole process. Went as smooth as could be. At the time Phillipine Customs wanted a detailed inventory of each box's contents. My shipper said to just be general, I did. Bedroom on a couple, kitchen on a few, garden on a few more, etc. Don't worry.The only thing that might not go as planned is the shipping time due to covid. But I worry a lot.

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Ok thank you everyone, I was going over at the end of this month but my flights have been cancelled, I've  got 3 carrier bags full of bits and pieces I've been collecting  over the last year for her that would have gone in my cases but that won't happen now.  I'll fill a big box with the bags and UK  foods she likes and just send it BB and hope for the best. 

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On 8/4/2020 at 4:49 AM, SkyMan said:

Anyone can send, it's probably best if a filipino receives.

My wife is still working in the U.S. and sends boxes to my name here all the time. Before moving here we used to send boxes from my name to my sister-in-law.

On 8/4/2020 at 7:33 AM, Jester said:

Keeping in mind that no matter what you send or who sends it or who receives it.  You are definitely, breaking a law, rule or custom  .

BB box contents add up to a noticeable amount of money.   We do not try to sneak anything valuable or important in the box's.   Have been sending for 13 years so far with no issues.   We do stick with LBC, in general they are more expensive.  But we have never had an issue so worth the extra money too us! 

Do not know how the virus is affecting shipping now??


The virus has not affected LBC shipping times for BB boxes to any noticeable degree.

No matter the contents, my wife has always just put "household items" as the content description. We have never had any problem with shipping with that descriptor.

On 8/4/2020 at 7:06 PM, sierra01 said:

Do boxes have to be sent by a filipino to avoid taxes and what not?  I've  also read the boxes have to be sent to family, friends don't count.


13 hours ago, BossHog said:

I've had very different experiences with Balikbayan boxes. They ALWAYS ask for you to stand next to the boxes holding up your ID and they then photograph you and the boxes and your ID. And I've shipped hundreds. 

I get 5 to 10 boxes a year including things for the farm and have never had my picture taken, in fact they have taken anybody's signature as proof of delivery.

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Does anyone have any recent experiences with sending and receiving balikbayan boxes with the pandemic happening?any changes?I want to send several balikbayan boxes to Cebu and Mindanao.Thanks in advance.

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No - not with BB boxes but with the courier companies. 
Everything appears to be working fine except for domestic movement delays due to (I think) load aggregation (to better comply with Covid restrictions). 

Since the BB companies probably do load aggregation anyway, I doubt there would be any noticeable impact on their shipping times. 

Your chosen company (LBC etc) would be better placed to tell you if they expect any issues as a result of Covid. 

The picture taken with boxes etc on delivery (mentioned above) is done by a few of the courier companies as part of their contactless proof of delivery process. I don’t think I’d be too fussed about that. 

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