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American falls for buying marijuana

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Thanks Larry. I have read that before. Atkins loses the plot in the first half page when he claims no one over 55 has taken drugs. He obviously doesn't know any old hippies or vietnam vets or a lot of the expats who used to hang around manila and Angeles in the 80's. I met Atkins in manila and i should point out there are some expats who believe John Martin was very lucky. I'll leave it at that as i didn't know the guy personally although i been to his business and may have met him briefly. One point raised by guys who live in Angeles is 230 grams or US$20 000 worth of shabu or is an extraordinary amount of drugs to plant on someone when 5 grams would have delivered the desired result. It's certainly a strange story.


The Baligabo police station had a long history of corruption. In the 80's the cops would bump into a drunk tourist walking past, find a joint on the ground and it was US$100 instant fine or into the lock up. I never met anyone who refused to pay the fine who was happy with that decision after days of their holiday being taken up with hassles and lawyers. For most of us at the time it was a day's pay and a silly mistake for not crossing the road and avoiding the corrupt cops. There were other old hands who used to give the officer in charge at the police station a litre bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label (his favourite) as a present when they arrived and they of course had an ally on call if they had any trouble. Some of these guys used to use their police friends to process false insurance claims and fake loss of travellers cheques. Over the road and only about 200 metres from the Balibago Police Station was a retired army Colonel who ran a marijuana retail business from an apartment. Finest quality Sagada heads were 300PHP per ounce with a guarantee that if you are caught by the police you could give this guys name (i won't print it here)and the Police would let you off. I never knew anyone who need to use this guarantee so I don't know if it was effective but we all thought it was hilarious a drug dealer claimimg to have that relationship with the police.



Yes, Atkins certainly must have led a very sheltered life! Interesting tale about the "law enforcement".


Larry in Dumaguete

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Alan S

I lived and worked in AC for a while, and the problems, scams and corruption are a real problem. And scary to those who might get caught out by corrupt officials.


Sadly, there is some anecdotal evidence that some (hopefully only a few) officials in other areas are learning

the same "tricks".


In general, and specifically in this case, the guy concerned is screwed. It doesnt matter if he is innocent or not (and none of us here, except for Mr R.T., know the entire story), he is still screwed.


The only question that remains is, how best to get out of the situation?

Whilst many may have ideas and suggestions, only the person/people concerned can decide what they wish to do. Always assuming that they have an option.

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Thats the dude I saw on the bridge...wheres the bud?...leaf let em go.

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