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Filipinas And Condoms

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They teach nursing students in Siilliman all about that stuff, and they demonstrate how to put a condom on.. using a plastic model..

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On 5/2/2010 at 9:34 PM, rbm said:

Condoms and sex education.

Was talking to a Filipina friend. What surprised me is the total lack of knowledge. Many Filipina have never seen a condom , and have no idea what they were for. Heard of HIV, Aids, but not really understanding how, why, one could be infected. Further although she connected intercourse with pregnancy she had absolutely no ability to find a link to prevention.

I suspect this lack of understanding is sadly typical of her generation and the education facilities here, plus influence of the catholic church. Further it may help explain the extremely high rate of solo mothers through out the country. The population is exploding and is it any wonder why.

This seems rather typical.  Sex ed in the country must be just about nonexistent.  When I first came to Cebu years ago, I dated two Filipina.  Neither knew a thing about contraception.  It almost made me cry to think about these sweet, trusting but hapless young women knowing absolutely nothing about the world. 

They really need to introduce this into curricula or at least talk about it.  Heck, one of my local friends has an unmarried 18 year old daughter who herself already has two babies.  Gorgeous kind girl, but no high school diploma, no prospects as far as I can tell, no nothing.  I mean, that's just completely insane.  My friend and his wife seem to be quite untroubled it though.

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