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Usd/php Predictions

blaze pontaine

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I'll go with P33 to $1.00

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As a professional foreign currency trader, I can suggest the appreciation we are currently seeing with the Philippine Peso doesn't have much to do with American politics or the deprecation of the U.S.

47.50 this time next year. Possibly 50 or higher depending on what happens in November. My prediction is that the endless printing of money stops January when the democrats will no longer have anyth

I'll go with P33 to $1.00


Yeah I can't see there being more violence in mindanao come election time :D

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Nothing. The $ will be called the YUAN in a year snap.gif



I reckon p39.6, but p63.3 if they put the rat back in charge of the cheese, Erat that is!

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Damn... back down to 45 thanks to the relatively uneventful election :P

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blaze pontaine

1 USD = 43.8800 PHP sep 10th, 2010


So far daz is in the lead with his prediction of 43.5


This contest will be finalized on may 1st 2011 noon cebu time.


Here is a list of everybody's predictions:

blaze pontaine 41.00

david spicer 48.00

turbota 47.00

ILPI 45.00

ampingkanunay 48.00

norseman 46.35

daz 43.50

robert51 48.50 *

stevematrix 42.50

johnfromtexas 47.50

durham 47.50

jamesmusselboy 52.62

calidude 54.00

cary 42.00

m60man 47.25

lasvegasron 47.50

bonehead 32.00

ronaldnn 0.00

markl 40.00

richard90027 36.00

roadhaze 46.35

roaddog 49.30

cebuned 51.46

lazydays 40.00

loosehead 51.00

dragon 46.50

mrsuave 33.00

uzi 0.00

ozepete 39.60

ayala 54.00

les 52.30

harley 51.00

teddydare 45.25


* said 48 ish, so i averaged it to 48.50

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there are mostly optimists here, or ostriches, the us economy will slide more and more. the recovery is an illusion. i'll back the realists and offer P37.

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I hope the optimists are right - but I am afraid we are in for tough times -



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