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This update is long overdue and the reason for it ... I inadvertently deleted my links to this group when I deleted a lot of other groups. Paul brought it to my attention that I had not given an update here. All the while as I was sending updates to my group list, I thought (my bad) that the updates were being posted here as they were on the other groups.


Ritz has been doing her Chemo for 5 months now. just this past few weeks we have picked her up in a sheet gurney and put her in a wheelchair. She can now sit up for about two hours and other than that she is still bed ridden since April. With the chemo, she has about 1 good week a month. Because of the advanced condition of her Multiple Myeloma the doctors don't want her to put full weight on the prothesis so the best we can hope for would be a walker by December.


In addition to the Chemo, she is eating guayabano fruit almost every day and drinking the tea from the leaf along with drinking NEEM tree leaf tea. Both of which have some scientific evidence of helping with stoping Cancers. We will have to do a serious evaluation of her Chemo as there is really no cure for her type of bone cancer and the chemo does cause Lukemia. Wow some trade off.


She hasn't lost her hair and on her good week she is real good. 90% of her bone pains are gone thank God. We believe we will beat the doctors estimate of one to two years... we pray every day for that...


Non of this would have been possible without the help of some of the members here... We are truely sorry that the updates that we were sending were not getting posted and I hope that Paul will post this...


Again thank you all and God bless you all


Jeff and Ritz

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