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Does it mean a permanent resident (13a) is subjected to pay all these taxes and fees each and everytime time s/he would depart from the PH regardless of the length of stay in the PH? Is this Exit Clearance Certificate fee including the re-entry fee for the immigrant visa holders?


Yup and yup.

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Does anyone knows for sure about what kinds of fees and taxes an immigrant visa holder (13a) would pay each time while departing from the PH?


Also, how much exit clearnace fees a tourist visa holder (9a) would pay at the time of departing from the PH after staying less than 6 months in the PH? Can anyone tell anything about all this?


Thanking you in advance.


13(a) - in the neighborhood of P5,000 for everything

P2,880 - Re-entry Permit

P1,620 - Travel Tax

P550 - P750 - Terminal Fee


9(a) - under 6 months

Terminal Fee: P750 Manila, P550 Cebu

The P2880 is only paid once per year (I'm told). Maybe I'll verify this in the next 9 months or so. I also paid the p1620 but that was for my wife's travel, not mine. So, yes, I paid the above plus a second terminal fee for the 2 of us to fly to the US.

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