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Mineral water in the Phils

Are you not sick of artificially purified water?  

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  1. 1. Do you drink mineral water in the RP?

    • yes
    • no
    • I would if a good one was available
  2. 2. Do you like distilled (purified or whatever) water?

    • yes, no other choice
    • yes, I love the taste of distilled water
    • it tastes horrible but thats the only available choice
    • no I hate it, so I buy sodas most of the time
  3. 3. Do you drink carbonated (sparkling) water?

    • yes, I love it, tastes better than normal water
    • yes, sometimes
    • no, difficult to get
    • no, I am almost a Filipino, never touch carbonated, unless its beer or coke
    • I don't like, tastes horrible
    • I don't like burping
  4. 4. If you buy bottled mineral water, your preferred brand is....

    • Perrier
    • Evian
    • other from abroad
    • other made in the Phils (please post brand, but only mineral water brand)
  5. 5. I think in the Philippines there is...

    • ...a market for quality mineral water at affordable price
    • ...a market for quality and pricier mineral water
    • ...no need for mineral water, even people driving SUVs are fine with boiled or purified water
    • ...no need for bottled mineral water at all

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Alan S

Everyone has expressed their opinion on the initial topic, and this has/is now drifting all over he place, so I will close it.

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