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Phillipines #10 in worldwide terrorism 'risk list'


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Southern Palawan's close proximity to East Malaysia,should make one air on the side of caution.


I agree with spooks here, you make it sound as if Sabah and Sarawak are like these hotbeds of terrorism and unrest, when in actual fact the territories are much better governed than probably anywhere in the Philippines.


in Sabah itself, there's quite a lot of resentment from the locals at the influx of desperado Filipino migrants, who take makeshift boats from Tawi-Tawi and land them in north Sabah. They've built shanty towns like this one on Sapi island, just off Kota Kinabalu : http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/06/in_pictures_space_in_the_city_/img/5.jpg


that is the only part of east Malaysia I've ever been where I would think twice about walking about at night - and it's basically a Filipino settlement.


you can see the effect on the influx of Filipinos when you compare Sarawakian towns like Miri and Kuching to Sabahan Kota Kinabalu. They look almost like mini-Singapores, clean and very orderly. While KK is in much better shape than towns of its size in the Philippines, it's is much dirtier than Kuching, the infrastructure is visibly under more pressure, there's a lot more homeless people, and beggars. Most of them are Filipinos, and they're there because Sabah is within range of their rickety boats - Sarawak is too far.

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They don't know what the risk is, they just now what happened. They can't see the future.

oohh don't be so sure



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hmmm... here we go. Southern Palawan. I am pretty well aquainted with it and the most recent visit was 5 weeks ago and will be back there in about 3 weeks time again. And when I say Southern I mean real Southern , as in the bottom tip and surrounding areas up to Sucud on the West Coast. Beautiful part of the world and the Southern West Coast is mainly unexplored and almost inaccesible by land ( 3 days to go 32 kms on a TMX in the dry season kinda says it all). But are there "baddies" there?


Unfortunately the short answer is yes. If for some strange reason you end up right at the bottom there you will be "checked out" by the local Mullah and if you fail to "pass muster" then things could get a tad hairy. The main reason I know this is that when I arrived at the very bottom on my first trip there I was a little surpised to hear the local speaking Bahasa Malay even through it was still the Philippines. I do speak Bahasa but didnt let on that I did for a while and the conversation was definately running along the lines of "who is this guy and why is he here and should we do something about it" It was left up to the Kepala Desa ( village head) to conduct an "interview" at which point my bahasa became very fluent for the next 40 minutes or so...lol. Had I not spoken Bahasa then things may have turned out very differently I think.


The bottom part is very, very "porous" and it is very, very common practice for locals and Malays to travel between Kodak (near Sandakan) in Malaysia and Bulibuyian on the Southern tip of Palawan by boat without any form of immigration or police checks. I also know of a foreign guy who has done it too on a very, very quiet basis ;-). The southern west coast is basically undeveloped apart from small scale fishing settlements every now and then and there is absolutely no form of formal police prescence there so there are many many places for people to hide out if they wanted to.


Now before anyone gets all steamed up and overexcited we are talking here about parts of Palawan where when asked the question " do you see many travellers here" got the response " oh yes we had a guy from Australia here looking for treasure in 1995". and that question was asked in 2007...


I love that part of the world and feel right at home there.



Well said. Thanks!

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Alan S

Political posts removed.

Thread closed.

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