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Any Ferry from Cebu to Ozamis on a Sunday?

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Hello All,


After searching and reading on the Boat Trip Schedule here, I still am not sure if there is a Ferry/Ship that leaves from Cebu to Ozamis on a Sunday.

I would be glad if anyone can tell me what ferries are available on a sunday and there timings. We will arrive on the 9th of May and is planning to

catch a ferry that night. Thank you in advance!




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Um, Carlos A. Gothong Lines shows a current boat leaving on Sunday, from Cebu to Ozamis.


I will look through a news paper to verify this for you, though. Schedules can change at the drop of a hat, for shipping lines in the Philippines.


Of course, there are several shipping lines that will leave from Cebu on a Saturday night, bound for Ozamis, three that I can think of right off the top of my head:




Cebu Ferries


I'm sure there are others, because this is a very popular day and route.

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Better check on Gothong Lines first. The Boat Butuan Bay that makes a round trip there was in Dry Dock when i came from there a month ago.

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Thanks Admin and Mello.


There is no problem with a Saturday ferry to Ozamis, i have known it for myself that they sail on that Day.


We will be arriving 9th of May in Cebu and we are planning to catch a ferry right away and will not stay in Cebu coz

I want to cast my vote on the following day w/c is May 10.


Will wait for your reaction when you have the time.


Thanks very much again!

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