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how do you deal with crime..

dealing with crime  

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  1. 1. some one broke into your house , apartment ,condo hotel room

    • do you call the police and file a report?
    • do you blame the philippines because they are poor?
    • do you scream and moan whoa is me ?
    • do you feel guilty for having so much while others have so little?
    • do you turn the other cheek and leave town in the hope the bad guy will pity you ?
    • do you tell everyone in town the next as? hole that rips me off better make his will ?
    • If you maked 5 please let me know when you will be out of town so i can see if you have anything i want..

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Yes old mate, a kiwi living in Perth is in FAR greater danger than ....well anyone really!!! LOL cheers,Mal

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You will lose far more to family and people you know than to "burglars".

Stop worrying and get on with things.

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I would go to my brother in law..he s a military man..speaks no English..looks like a Philippine version of Rambo..dangerous looking dude..


When I was first introduced to him,he showed me his arsenal.. a semi automatic ,hand guns,ammo..he has it all!!!


Since I look after his youngest sister, he likes me :)

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but I think Cebu is safer than inner city Perth where i live.

I'm with you old boy come armed with a smile. I've never shot a gun in my life. And I'm from the states! Much different being a tourist though.


Just checked Perth on the map. Loosehead that city is out there all by itself.

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There is no need to arm yourself like Rambo or even have a firearm (which is illegal for a foreigner to possess),all it takes is common sense.

If you intend to live in an open community,don't build or buy a grand house that screams to the neighbourhood "I am a very rich foreigner".

Thats just asking for problems.

Have a modest property,with solid wood exterior doors,good mortice locks,strong hinges and grilled windows.Have a secure walled yard with good size gates.When no one is at home,always padlock your gates,and do this at night to.

Never leave things lying around in the yard that can be viewed from the street eg bicycles etc.Most burglers look for easy targets.

You could add some kind of alarm sytem,or get a large dog eg Rotweiller,doberman.

Most filipinos are scared to death of large dogs.


You could live in a walled,gated and guarded subdivision,where your neighbours would be other expats or rich filipinos.

You have choices.


I know expats who have lived in the open community for many years and never been burgled.

The only problem some have had,is from visiting relatives,taking things from inside the house,as if they are entitled to it.

A reason why many of us choose,and advise others,to live a good distance from relatives,eg 2+hours drive away.

Another problem living near relatives,is lack of privacy.They will turn up unannounced,stay all day,and expect to be fed.

The more you tolerate them,the more often they will be there.In worst case scenarios they will move in.

We all know many face hardships and poverty,but if you are too soft,you will make a rod for your own back.

This can then lead to problems within your own marriage.

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I deal with crime using my.45 and my Uzi.


"I don't deal with crime. Crime deals with me."

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