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Securing Items in your Apartment

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You can have bars on the windows, walls with barb wire, strong boxes and safes, attack dogs... you name it. But that will NOT stop them.


In my opinion the only way is to ALWASYS have someone there. I use a live in maid and guard. If one leaves... there is ALWASYS someone there.


But of course you really need to trust your guard and maid.


For sure sometimes they are the ones who set it up.


If someone wants it bad enough they will get it. What all those things do is make it inconvenient for them so hopefully they will go somewhere else. The old rob my neighbor instead gambit. :biggrin_01:

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If I am going to be out of town any more than a day, I will usually have one of my relatives or employees stay here, they always enjoy the free food , movies and Playstation.


Do you have whisky in the house? If so, I will be happy to watch your house for you, absolutely free, Rob. :thumbsup:



Or he might be the one who broke in to get it. :biggrin_01:

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Being nice to the locals there and making friends with them won't hurt you. You don't have to drink with them but if you need to give them few bottles

of Tanduay, then do it.




..then you will be on the hook for more...scratch_head.gif

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