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Four Americans Arrested For Trafficking

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I remember that McNeely guy, being in some sort of trouble, way back around 2000, when my son was being born or maybe when he was about 1 year old. I remember saying to Margie, God won't even be able to help anyone who ever hurts our son in any way.. But hell, David is 10 now and looks like he's 14, built like a little bull and strong like one. He will be the one protecting me, not to long from now....LOL

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Which really fecking sucks because these jackasses would have younger people believe that "youngsters" should RESPECT ALL THEIR ELDERS. I've said it once and I'll say it again. OLD GEEZER CRADLE ROBBE

I don't believe that sexual abuse of children can be compared to speeding. IMHO the US dosn't want to be responsible for exporting "evil" to other counties. This man is truly evil, this isn't the fi

Like it or not, (and I'm not going to express an opinion) it is the law, and Americans, Brits, Australians, and some other nationalities, should be aware of it, and know that going to another country to commit this type of act, is liable to get them in serious trouble both in the country concerned and "back home".


Why not try him in RP, and if found guilty lock him up, when he has served his time deport him to his own country and try him again.... It's all these lowlifes deserve...

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I 43 and I play WOW World of Warcraft.I cant stop!!!!!!


I used to play Horde on DragonMaw, still have some 80s around.

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