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Spring Park resort, near Lutopan, Cebu

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how to get there from Cebu city


1) go to the southern bus terminal in Cebu city and get on a bus headed to Toledo and get off when the thing gets to a place called Lutopan. Ask the conductor or people on the bus when to get off if you've no idea where Lutopan is. It probably costs about 50 pesos. Then get on the back of one of the motorcycle taxis that will be waiting for you and drive the 4km to the Spring Park resort. Fare for one person is 10 pesos. For 2 people it's 15. If you've got a big bag to stick down in front of the driver or across the seat, allow another 5 pesos. If it's at night, tip the driver another 5 or 10 pesos as hubel hubel drivers like the rest of Filipinos, like to spend time with their families after dark and you should pay them a little bit extra if they're working late.


2) get a v-hire from the v-hire terminal next to the southern bus terminal. Look for the 'Lutopan township' sign at the terminal. This is the better option even though it costs 70 pesos because a) it's airconditioned :dreams: it's a lot quicker and c) related to B) it goes the much quicker scenic mountainous route big buses can't take, shaving about an hour or even more off the route the bus takes. The v-hire also goes straight past the Spring Park resort so you don't have to bother with the hubel hubel like you do if you take the bus to Lutopan. Just ask the driver to let you off early at Spring Park.


3) Take a taxi straight there. If you go the scenic v-hire route, it probably takes not much longer than an hour, depending on traffic. I'd guess the fare would probably be in the region of 1000 pesos.


if you've got your own transport also take the shorter scenic route. Look at a map and take the winding road you can see threading its way towards Toledo, that veers off to the right shortly after you reach Talisay.


about the resort


it's a typical kind of resort that caters mostly to Filipinos. Definitely frayed about the edges, even a tad decayed. There's supposed to be three swimming pools, but only one of them has got any water in it. The accommodation is bungalows of varying sizes, obviously as it caters to Filipinos there's plenty of family rooms. Some are airconditioned and some might even have tv in the rooms, even cable tv. If you want to find out, just ring them on 0323252044. It goes without saying that they haven't got a website, these kind of resorts never quite get round to bothering with anything like that. The basic fan doubles are 500, which is reasonable value I suppose, even though our bathroom was pretty dire, and there were rats and large worms my friend thought might have been poisonous, scuffling and crawling about the place. There's a restaraunt that serves only Filipino short-order food at quite keen prices for a resort, though portions are small. Pork Adobo with rice and salad, plus a Coke, is 70 pesos. San Miguels are 30. As far as entertainment goes, there's a 5-peso videoke machine, table tennis, and a pool table. Just don't hit the balls too hard as they might get lost in the undergrowth. Corkage is 50 pesos. The Loud Music Charge is 200.


getting around


you might get bored, in which case you can go to Lutopan by hubel hubel motorbike. Just wait by the side of the road outside the resort for somebody to stop for you. It will take about 2 minutes in the daytime, 5 minutes at night. There's about a dozen internet cafes there and a better food than at the resort in the caranderias there. No kano food of course, unless you count the buy 1-take 1 burger stands, some of which, like one or two of the cyber cafes, are open 24 hours.


Whippy's overall verdict : 5/10


service friendly enough also prices not bad really, although they did pull the 'we don't have any big San Miguels' scam. This is when they claim they don't have any San Miguel Grandes, but only small ones, because they know that 3 small SM's cost 90 while a big one that is basically the same volume of beer costs 65. Similar to the the 'we only have airconditioned rooms' scam, they automatically reflex that they haven't got any in stock when a kano asks them even though they do. I got refused one at 8pm. At 9pm, I saw a group of Filipino guests getting served large ones by the same waitress in the bar across from where we were playing fake Filipino Scrabble.

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Cebu Hash House Harriers, did a 'Away' Hash Run #293 on 27 October 2002, from Spring Park Resort.


Here are some Photos that I took:-







We went up into the mountains to this cave entrance, where the spring water for Spring Park Resort comes from






Some 'Stalactites' in the cave


I will never forget the memory tip our English teacher gave us at School, for getting Stalagmites and Stalactites the right way round:-


"The 'mites' HAND2.gif go up, and then the 'tites' 11949910341895065290pantyhose_rollandin_fra7.svg.thumb.png come down!"





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