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Exit ticket E-ticket?

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I can confirm that Northwest Airlines (NWA) in Chicago will NOT allow you to board the plane if you don't have an onward ticket. Furthermore, in NWA's interpretation, the onward ticket must be within 21 days of your arrival. For example, if you're arriving on a 21-day Tourist visa, and your valid outbound ticket is on the 22d day after your arrival, NWA will force you to purchase a very expensive outbound ticket before you can board the aircraft.


This exact scenario happened to me. I purchased an outbound ticket (E-ticket) from Air Asia. It was a very cheap ticket, and I thought it would fit the requirement. Unfortunately, the outbound E-ticket was for the 22d day after my arrival in RP. NWA would not accept it, and I had to purchase an outbound ticket to Japan within the 21-day window. The outbound ticket to Japan was refunded to me about a week later, but I had to waste a day at NWA in Makati to get refunded.


I will make it a point to fly via another airline, rather than Northwest, to the Philippines. Of course, I don't really ever go anywhere that I would have to take NW anyway. My last inbound ticket was the same as whippy's. My outbound was scheduled something like, three months after my entry into the Philippines.

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