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taxi, trike and other transportation 'mafias' in the Philippines

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I did elementary economics at school too, but they never said anything about the guy ahead of you in the queue paying 250 for a bunch of flowers, but when it comes to your turn, you pay 550 just because it is perceived because of the color of your skin that you can afford to pay the difference. By any objective standard that is just sharp practice.


That kind of thing happens in the USA every day. At the clinic, we used to charge different rates to different people for the exact same service every day. If someone comes in with no health insurance, they are charged a different rate than someone who does have it. If someone comes in who has children and is obviously broke, we would discount slightly as well. This was called a "sliding scale" payment system, where we charged less for services to people who couldnt afford what we really wanted.


I dont see the flower example you give as being much different. One way to view it is that the flower seller really wants 550 per bundle of flowers, but they know they cant get that amount from poor people. When they see someone that isnt dead broke, they can charge their desired rate.


I never once got a complaint from wealthy people that their insurance company was being charged more than I would charge a woman with 3 kids on welfare. Even when someone didnt have insurance (or elected to not use it for one reason or another) and had to pay a higher rate for a service than the poor woman, nobody complained about it. Nobody who knew about our practice ever considered what we were doing as bad either. You seem to be implying that we are ripping off the wealthy by charging them more than we charge people that obviously need a break. Most people saw the practice as helping out the poor.

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oh come on. Medical services aren't the same as somebody selling food, which as it happens is what I do for a living.


I do operate two-tier pricing as my shops are mobile and also demand can be related to extraneous factors, particularly the prevailing weather conditions. In high-income areas I may very well charge more than in low-income ones, not because I'm running some sort of a charity, but because I know I can get away with it in the high income areas without damaging my long-term sales.


there's a big difference between that though and charging somebody that's wearing a suit and tie more money in the queue behind somebody else that isn't, just because they look more affluent. No vendor can possibly hope to justify that.

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Jess Bartone

Jesse, he's just the epitome of the "Whingeing Pom". But its ok. I kinda like the guy. He's not afraid to call a spade, a spade and he's not afraid to speak his mind. Nothin wrong with that. And on this topic i agree with him 100%. Im getting pissed off more everyday with the blatant rip offs here. It just really annoys me that so many people here think that i owe them something just because i was born in another country.


Jesse, would you put up with someone trying to rip you off in Australia? Im guessing no. I know i didn't. So why should we put up with it here??


Well it's been a while, 6 weeks or so, but I revisited this while browsing the forums. I regret my original post to a small extent, but Whippy's got a hide like a rhino, nothing I can say upsets him, he just shoots from the hip regardlessthumbsup.gif




Aka, I don't seem to have the same problems there, if I feel they're imposing a "kano tax", I try to talk them around, and many vendors respond in kind. If they won't budge, I shake their hand, bid them a good day, and move to the next vendor. Then they are forced to watch the nice Kano pulling pesos out of his pocket and handing them to the rival vendor. The next time I visit the expensive vendor, the prices are suddenly normal, for example a P1,000 pair of sandals are now P400, with a very friendly person offering me a seat to try them on. When your wife appears out of the wet market carrying bags of food, the prices can fall even further.


My point is, confrontation will get you nowhere, friendly, polite persistence will get you everywhere, and you always have the option to walk along to the next, be it vendor, taxi, tricycle or motorela.


Now mate, as far as getting ripped off in Australia, are you havin' a lend o'me? Being from Darwin especially, you should know that ripoff prices are written into the constitution (almost... seen the price of petrol lately?) The difference being that prices are largely fixed here, no discretion for negotiation.


By the way Aka, we'll be neighbors in a couple of years, you're a little south and west of CDO, I'll be a little north and east.

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