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HIV/AIDS - The Philippines Paradox

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Data can and has been manipulated. Whenever you receive stats saying one thing, I can show you the same stats with a different result. It all depends on who is managing the data. As to the topic at hand, safe sex, single partner, and no sharing of needles has been shown to lower the risk of getting aids. Its not perfect but it helps.

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fropm the Asia Times article   Another factor in the underreporting of HIV/AIDS cases comes from the many doctors in the provinces who, through sheer ignorance, may treat a particular disease withou

Though I disagree with him, Slick Wiilie's reply to my post is respectful, logical and thoughtful. Your comment is not.   .

In a class I just went to they talked about AIDS and how it is transmitted. It is primarily a gay men's (anal sex) and IV drug users disease. Vaginal sex is far less likely an inoculation route than previously though. In the case of Sub Saharan Africa, I know people who have lived there, promiscuity is very very high. It is normal for a women to be nailed by every guy in the village, very different morals. Also anal sex is a common form of birth control. He said he saw whole villages with only the very young and very old left after AIDS swept though.

In Russia IV drug use came from the Afghan war. Afghanistan was drowning in heroin and many Russian solders were hooked on the needle and heroin. They brought this addiction home with them and heroin addiction spread all over Russia and Ukraine. Heroin addicts seem to like to share there needles. And Heroin thrashes your health and immunity. That is how AIDS has spread there.


If shabu use becomes an IV preferred drug route I think you would see an AIDS epidemic follow. But from what I have seen on youtube it is smoked mostly. Another way for it to spread is the creation of a mostly gay city in the Philippines, that's where it got started in the US in West Hollywood and the Castro District in San Francisco with the bath houses. The Gays concentrated in one area and rapidly spread the disease amongst themselves.

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