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U.S. Dollar down P46.57

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I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. I just know I don't like to hear people making predictions because almost every prediction is wrong, even weather predictions. People have neen predicting the end of the world for about 6,000 years and I can look outside and tell you what the weather will be today better than any weather forcaster can. And, if predictions are accurate, everyone could be rich by playing the stock market. Only God can predict the furture. End of story.



No, I certainly have no reason to be offended. I think your original quote was actually from another poster I just interjected a comment that I felt was related. My point was the person in that particular article was just reiterating the original article without adding anything to it and perhaps really he didn't know anything. He was not the original source, but instead just appears to be riding on the coat tails of Robert Fisk.


I disagree about predictions though. All of them should be questioned, I don't think anyone is saying otherwise, but for every event there commonly is someone who does predict it. Could be just luck, could be they have information not available to everyone else, etc. A lot of people who make predictions don't say what that prediction is based upon so there is no way to know beforehand other than blind trust, which is a bad idea in my opinion. Having 7 billion people on Earth there are going to be a lot of predictions and it is near impossible to evaluate them all especially in a complex field like meteorology or economics. I would say there have been some spectacular predictions in history that have shaped the world though. Some of histories scientists made amazing predictions without having evidence yet and they changed the thinking of the world.


I don't believe in God(s) or any religious predictions so can't comment in regards to any of that.

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