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Dangerous / Safest areas of Cebu City

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Yes Brisbane, lots of break and enters in my neighborhood and yet its a respectable suburb. A student walking home was stabbed in the heart by an armed robber up the Rd from my place he wouldn't give the robber his wallet and nearly died. I don't like to walk the streets at night now because of the randomness of the attacks many times I have had missiles thrown at me and my companions by passing idiots in cars. When I read the newspapers I am conscious of crimes in the Philippines and wonder which is safer. I've noticed the increased wariness of people at night because of various incidents. I wont use the train at night because of the bashings at our local station. I catch a bus and watch for people following me home. Mostly the streets are empty so when you see someone its now a concern specially if they are a group of youths out looking for fun. Nearly everyday there are armed robberies around the city and they are happening more often in my area. If I have to watch my back I may as well do it in the Philippines as here. :D


Fortitude Valley is a place I wouldn't walk around at night by myself I used to work there. Now I know where your wallet is I will keep an eye out for you. :)


I stayed in the Osmena area both times I visited Cebu if Poby says its quieter and less hassle downtown than in the Fuente Osmena area I take notice because he has been in both places and the large rooms appeal to my artistic sensitivities. I don't know when I'm going I still have enough money left in my depleted Super fund until I get my pension in 3 years to live on if I go now but I don't want to end up destitute like some characters and any hospital bill like Robert51's would hurt my savings and would put me outside of a financial safety net so I'm waiting for the opportune time.


I'm saying its dangerous any where, Cebu or Brisbane, if its not people hurting you its nature I have never found a safe place, yet I have never been robbed or hurt I am wary but its the one you don't see that can get you. I used to work as an office temp in the local police station and type up the reports from the night before. As I see it there are 3 types of criminals 1, professional criminals who hardly ever get caught, 2, career criminals who get caught and keep doing crime when released. And then there is 3, the opportunistic criminal, the one who does it on the spur of the moment because the opportunity was there. The first two hardly ever bother us its the 3rd group that cause most of the trouble for ordinary citizens. Because its a random action its much harder to predict which is why the advice is not to become someone's opportunity by being low profile and etc etc.


If some unknown person wants to harm or rob you how can you prevent it? Its what you don't know that makes you vulnerable.

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I have only felt uncomfortable a couple of times in Cebu City and one time was with you.


You had been taking pictures in the "Basketball Court" and a man who claimed to be Filipino military took offense and wanted his pictures deleted. The fact that you had no pictures of him to delete did not deter him. I left with everyone else in the taxi that night instead of walking home alone.


I remember that night. There was a group of us out that evening, as I recall. Yeah, that guy, who apparently was out steppin' out on his wife that night certainly couldn't take "I didn't take a photo of you" for an answer. I was ready to beat that guys ass, that night, for sure. I can't stand to be called a liar. I do NOT lie. Forget sometimes, sure. But, I never, ever lie. My memory isn't good enough to keep remembering what I said!

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Me and my family visited Cebu once. We stayed at Maribago Resort for 2 nights and never went out of the resort at all.


After the 2 night stay, we transfered to a Hotel in the City, Ramada Hotel, where there is a supermarket below. I was really afraid to walk too far away from the Hotel :any-help: . Although I am a Filipino, since I am not familiar with the place, I was so afraid.


Luckily no bad incident occured. Maybe next time around, I'll go further and explore the beautiful city... in daytime :lol: .


You just need to contact someone on the forums who lives in or near the city. We can make sure you are okay and assist you in places that you can visit which are safe.

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I used to study in USC and I'm familiar to Colon area and it's nearby streets which was always tagged haven for pickpocketers. It was the main shopping area few years back. Though aware of the risks and with less money on my wallet I was more confident then on roaming around the streets but now I'm more afraid and feel so uneasy especially in company of my "puti" husband. I feel as if I should watch everybody's movements. I miss to go around carbon market and the tabo sa banay areas.....oh this is just my paranoia or maybe because I'm not used to do this anymore!

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