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Let your bank know that your going to the Philippines and you will be using your card so that you'll know if it is usable r not.




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Are there credit unions in Canada? Many credit unions in the U.S. offer their members ATM cards with no transaction fees nor service charges...even when you use the ATM overseas. Just make sure you tell them beforehand when you will be overseas so that they don't put a hold on your card. However, you will still be subject to the maximum withdrawal of Php10,000 per day while you are in the Philippines.


As for xoom, I hadn't thought about using them to send money to myself while I was in the Philippines. Maybe that's a good idea. Currently, I use xoom once a month to deposit money into my mother-in-law's bank account in the Philippines. Using xoom may not technically be a bank-to-bank transfer, but it's close, and it's quick and easy. I haven't had any problems with xoom, and it takes them only a day to complete the transaction.


However, xoom is not foolproof, and they have had their share of complaints. Also, in case of any problems with xoom, I have heard more than once that their customer service is lousy...they just read from a script, without ever resolving your problem. I would never totally rely on xoom.


As a backup to an ATM card, I would suggest having on hand another ATM card. The backup ATM card can be from the same bank and the same account, or from a different account at the same bank. You can transfer funds online from one account to the other account in case you lose one of your cards. You will also be covered in case the magnetic stripe on one card wears out.


You can also use a credit card as backup, or to pay for major items.

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I am arriving next month from the U.S. and have decided on a EON account with Union Bank.

With only my passport and drivers licence I can open an account and eventually link to my

Paypal account to transfer funds...If I loose my ATM card I just need to run into a local

Union Bank branch for a new card and not have to worry about loosing my Out of Country atm

card and getting that replaced....


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Just open a savings account at HSBC Canada. They offer a special program where you don't have to pay any ATM fees worldwide!


I only pay $6/month at HSBC Canada and they offer unlimited ATM transactions worldwide (at any bank with the Cirrus logo) and there are NO FEES at either bank. The daily transaction limit equals the one you have within Canada. Exchange rates are very good as well. This is a savings account, not a checking account.




Do you happen to have the name of this account or a link to it? I've searched the HSBC Canada website and can't seem to find any info about this. Every account I can find says there is a $3.00 fee per international transaction. I'd love to set this up before I head over there for the winter.





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To a fellow Canadian, I use TDCanadatrust cards, just look for Interac or Plus ATM signs on the machines. I have used them on HSBC, Citibank, BPI, Metrobank machines. Opening an account in the Philippines, as a foreigner (no ACR etc), then you can only a foreign currency account. My experience when I opened an account at HSBC. I have since rectified my status so now I can actually have peso account.

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