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Had cataract surgery in PH.   20 / 200 vision (what I could barley see at 20' ,you see at 200')- wound up with 20 / 15 - better than normal :rolleyes: but lost near (reading vision) also have double vision, so still need glasses  - with prisms.

Two prescriptions - mid / far and reading (couldn't them make bi-focal).

Got reading glasses first - perfect - then received mid / far. They'd swapped the lens (left for right).  Should I send back? NO.

Got replacement pair - perfect

Then spring of double hinge ear piece reading glasses broke - don't send back, we'll replace. Super glued as temp fix.

Just got them. Not reading glasses  - mid/far frame and prescription.:lol: Too late to get replacements before I leave, besides, while waiting for replacement reading glasses went to Walmart - found a great buy on 3 pair of 3.50 reading glasses ($6.00). Have almost no parallax at reading distance so they work fine. Actually have a slightly greater focal distance than prism pair.

So now have 2 pairs of mid/far and 4 reading.


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