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1 hour ago, RogerDuMond said:

 Both the Army and the PNP are totally different entities now that have stringent protocols in place now to fight corruption.

You obviously have a family member in the Army or PNP that told you the above 🙂

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My father never had a problem turning around and wacking me in the back seat while he was driving. 

What will be the next steps? Easy to say: Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will jail anybody who ever called him BongBong and Imelda will demand her shoes back.

On the way back from Tacloban today, there was a checkpoint entering our city. We all started pulling out our vaccine cards, rolled down the window to the PNP officer and he said Comulec check, d

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1 minute ago, maximian said:

You obviously have a family member in the Army or PNP that told you the above 🙂

My nephew is a PNP Colonel who showed me the process now used for any reported cases of wrongdoing including, but not limited to corruption by members of the PNP/Army. No cases are allowed to be handled at the local level anymore, and PNP officers with credible evidence are immediately transferred to Camp Crame for disposition of their cases.

It all started several years ago when they stopped promoting from within the ranks at a station when they needed a new head of the station and instead brought in new graduates from the academy to run small stations and limited their terms as head of station to 3 years and then transferred them to a new station. So they didn't get a chance to get comfortable at any one area. They increased the penalties for corruption and also for those who don't report it or try to cover it up. Doubling the pay for all paygrades also helped.

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On 5/10/2022 at 7:25 AM, RogerDuMond said:

Why, probably because there is less belief here in what the western media has to say and a belief that the western media has no business interfering in Philippine business. The western media was loudly proclaiming that Duterte was a dictator and guilty of murdering drug dealers while Duterte's popularity was running at 91%.

An attitude of "Go handle your own business and stay out of ours."

Du30 is a VERY shrewd politico.   Popularity = populism.    He was able to use Pinoy patriotism when he needed it... thumbing his nose at Obama, talking big to the EU etc, but then he was able to  deflect that same patriotic spirt when kissing Chinas ass and not  protesting one single Chinese Military  buildup in Pinoy waters  just minutes from Manila. 

How he was able to stay so popular is an amazing study.    

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