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LTO Periodic Medical Exam for 10-year licenses: What you need to know

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An comprehensive article about the new 10 year drivers licence Medical exam on renewal.

At 74 I couldn't care  about a 10 year license, However I can't work out (if I do apply) if the seminar is necessary for a person (me) that's been driving bikes since 16......cars since 17....

LTO Periodic Medical Exam for 10-year licenses: What you need to know

by Gracey Maala · November 8, 2021

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) now grants 10-year driver’s licenses to motorists with no traffic violation. With that said, all drivers seeking to renew their license are now required to take Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and fulfill additional requirements, including the medical examinations.

Per Section 23 of Republic Act No. 4136, also known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, as amended by Republic Act N0. 10930, the validity of driver’s licenses has been extended subject to the restrictions that may be imposed by the LTO.

In line with this authority and the rule-making power of administrative agencies under Executive Order No. 292, there are guidelines and restrictions promulgated to ensure that all holders of driver’s licenses are physically and mentally fit during the prolonged validity of their driver’s license. Now we’ll be talking more about the LTO’s new medical policy for 10-year license holders. So let’s dive right in!


Quick Recap

Any driver whose license is valid for at least five (5) years and who has not committed any violation of Republic Act No. 4136 and other traffic laws, rules and regulations during the five years shall be entitled to a renewal of such license for ten years. Otherwise, they will only be entitled to a five (5) year driver’s license.

Nonetheless, any person entitled to a 10-year validity license may choose to renew their driver’s license for one that is valid only for five years.

Mandatory Periodic Medical Examination


Other than the medical exam performed during the application for a new license and the renewal thereof, all driver’s license holders shall undergo mandatory periodic medical examination(s) (PME) during the validity period of their license in any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health facility. According to the LTO, this is to ensure their fitness for the extended duration of the license.

For licensees who will be issued a 5-year validity driver’s license, the PME shall be scheduled on the third (3rd) birthdate from the issuance of the license. On the other hand, licensees who will be issued a 10-year validity driver’s license shall undergo PMEs on the fourth (4th) and seventh (7th) birthdates from the issuance of the license.

Year 5-year Driver's License 10-year Driver's License
2021 Medical Examination (New/Renewal) Medical Examination (New/Renewal)
2024 Periodic Medical Examination  
2025   Periodic Medical Examination
2026 Medical Examination (Renewal)  
2028   Periodic Medical Examination
2029 Periodic Medical Examination  
2031 Medical Examination (Renewal) Medical Examination (Renewal)

In both cases, licensees may undergo the PME within sixty (60) days before the specified birthdate.

The PME can be done at any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health facility.

All LTO-accredited medical clinics shall comply with Section 4(a)(2) of Republic Act No. 7432, as amended by Republic Act Nos. 9257 and 9994, which provides that senior citizens shall be entitled to the grant of 20% discount and exemption from the value-added tax (VAT) on medical services, diagnostic and laboratory fees in all private hospitals, medical facilities, and outpatient clinics.

The LTO shall have the authority to require any driver who appears to have any physical or mental condition or illness that may present a driving risk to undergo a medical exam to assess his/her fitness to drive.

Acquiring of Medical Certificate


The registered physician must determine whether the licensee has developed any physical or mental condition or illness that is likely to interfere with the latter’s ability to control and operate a motor vehicle safely and report their findings to the LTO. The licensee shall be examined following the medical examination guidelines set by the LTO under Memorandum Circular No. 2018-2157 and such other issuances subsequent to it.

Once the physician determines that the licensee remains physically fit and medically qualified to drive a motor vehicle, he/she shall issue a completed medical certificate in the prescribed form reflecting his/her findings.

Furthermore, the biometric finger scan of both the examining physician and the licensee shall be required before the medical certificate is electronically transmitted to the Land Transportation Management System. Additionally, the licensee’s biometric fingerprint must match the fingerprint impression recorded in the LTO database.

Driver’s license holders working or living abroad whose PME schedule comes during their stay abroad shall be exempted from undergoing PMEs. However, should they return during or after the mentioned periods, they are required to subject themselves to a medical exam within 30 days upon arrival to the Philippines before exercising their privilege to drive.

Mandatory Medical Exam for Drivers Involved in Road Crashes

A driver of a motor vehicle involved in a road crash resulting in the loss of human life, physical injuries, or substantial damage to properties shall be subjected to a medical exam to determine his/her physical and mental fitness to drive.

Further, the driver shall submit himself/herself for medical examination at any LTO-accredited medical clinics or government health facility within 72 hours from the time of the road crash or from his/her release from detention or medical treatment, if applicable.

Modification and Suspension of the Driver’s License

If the physical condition of a licensee has changed in a manner where there is already a need to reclassify the license, restrict the driving privilege to a certain motor vehicle class, and/or modify the conditions in his/her driver’s license, the LTO shall cause the updating of his/her license details and the reprinting of
the driver’s license to reflect such changes.


Nonetheless, suppose the physician determines that the licensee is no longer fit to drive due to a physical, neurologic, or cognitive impairment. In that case, the LTO shall immediately suspend the driver’s license and subject the license card to physical storage until a specialist certifies that the licensee has clearly recovered to a state where he/she can safely drive or that the loss or impairment has been adequately compensated.

Note, however, that such certification may include a recommendation to the LTO to impose conditions, limit the driving privilege, and/or require the licensee to undergo a theoretical and/or practical exam to determine the licensee’s ability to drive.

Meanwhile, the licensee must also inform the nearest LTO Regional / District / Extension / Office / Licensing Center in writing of his/her temporary or permanent incapacity and to surrender his/her driver’s license for storage within six months from the onset of the inability. In addition, a medical certificate issued by the licensee’s examining physician stating the fact of such incapacity shall be required.

Effects of Failure to Comply

Any driver who, without valid cause, fails or refuses to undergo any of the mandatory medical examinations within the prescribed period shall have his/her driver’s license automatically suspended until he/she complies with such requirement. More so, the penalty and demerit point/s applicable to the violation of driving with a suspended driver’s license shall be imposed upon such driver for every instance he/she is found driving on any public highway during the period of non-compliance.



Moreover, drivers who do not comply with this requirement shall be penalized with a fine of PHP 1,000 for every missed medical exam. In addition, any driver who failed to undergo a required medical exam shall also be disqualified from renewing the license and driving any motor vehicle for one year from the payment of the fine.

Neuro-Psychiatric Exam Requirement

A person whose driver’s license has been revoked shall undergo a neuro-psychiatric assessment or exam to be conducted by any government-accredited facility before his/her driver’s license may be reinstated. They must also submit a psychological report with a clear recommendation for the restoration of driving privilege as an additional documentary requirement for the applicable license transaction and as proof of the person’s mental fitness to drive.

This provision applies to any person with a revoked license who has been found to be an improper person to operate motor vehicles or to have committed, or as an accessory to, any crime or act which endangers the public while driving, as provided under Section 27 of RA 4136.

Besides, the same requirement applies to any person who has accumulated at least forty demerit points and has been subject to an outright revocation of driver’s license under Section 16 of the IRR of RA 10930, and those whose driver’s license has been revoked for any other lawful reason except in cases where /perpetual disqualification from being granted a license has been imposed.

Sources: LTO, Gov.ph


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5 hours ago, cookie47 said:

at 74 I couldn't care  about a 10 year license

Such optimism!

If my 93 year old dad had taken that attitude at your age then, well, the roads would be a bit safer now.  

There seems to be some political pushback on the safety seminars and testing so nothing set in stone yet.

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  • Administrator
Salty Dog
5 minutes ago, rfm010 said:

There seems to be some political pushback on the safety seminars and testing so nothing set in stone yet.

Political pushback and not set in stone in the Philippines! 

Daaaa… :rolleyes:

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16 minutes ago, rfm010 said:

Such optimism!

If my 93 year old dad had taken that attitude at your age then, well, the roads would be a bit safer now.  

There seems to be some political pushback on the safety seminars and testing so nothing set in stone yet.

Yes, correct I did see another article from a Senator saying that the seminar was suggested to be handed to the private sector. His observation that would be like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank

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17 hours ago, rfm010 said:

Such optimism!

If my 93 year old dad had taken that attitude at your age then, well, the roads would be a bit safer now.  

There seems to be some political pushback on the safety seminars and testing so nothing set in stone yet.

Further to your post....

A difficult subject at the Best of times (that is age Based retesting).

Australia used to have age based testing is some state's but was slowly removed over time.Im not sure if it was a financial decision or pressure from the various Seniors group's/organisations...

Now, they rely on generally the police to recommend a test and I assume after sighting a issue.. (which I might add does not only apply to us old farts).The other area is the family makes the hard decision to report them to the transport department , probably after a " unsuccessful discussion with the aging relative".

Unfortunately Australia (like the US) has some very remote towns and these are the areas that you are likely to find Seniors that rely on their own transportation.A balance between safety and freedom is very much intertwined.

I hope that it's me that will make the decision to stop driving ,which in the Philippines is not so much a big deal..



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you would have thought that anyone with a 100% clean record is proven competent. Anyone who does not have  a 100% clean record to be tested until the 10year longevity clause is clean and cleared.

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