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Looking for guy ring for antenna mast

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On 9/25/2021 at 5:12 AM, RogerDuMond said:

Is it possible that you are spelling it wrong and that is why you are having trouble finding it? Might it be a guide ring and not a guy ring?

I'll have to admit I thought the same thing...I had no idea...learn something new everyday!

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Salty Dog

Actually, the name has been changed to non-binary wire… :biggrin_01: 

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I see on Galleon's website that they also accept BDO for payments so maybe I can just use my ATM card or do a bank transfer via online banking. My pole should arrive tomorrow or Friday, then I can measure how wide it is where I plan to guy it from, about halfway up, and determine what size ring clampy dealybob thingy I need. I won't expect to get it until probably late November but typhoon season should be over by then anyway. I don't want to test my installation against another Yolanda! :nea:

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I finally got my pole this morning and was able to determine that the guy ring clamp like the one in Paddy's post will fit so I ordered one from Galleon. ₱1817 with shipping, paid via bank transfer in online banking. It should arrive around late October. Thanks, guys!

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