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SRRV - agent or do-it-yourself?

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3 hours ago, HappyinPH said:

I don't see how you can have an agent that lives in a different part of the country.


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On 9/23/2021 at 4:38 PM, roderick said:

Anywhere !!

Roderick, I see from your previous posts that you're in Thailand at present. Unless the rules have suddenly changed, which I doubt, you can't apply for an SRRV visa from outside the Philippines. I suggest you come here on a tourist visa when the Philippines opens up, and spend some time here before you make a decision about the SRRV visa, which will cost you 10 000 or 20 000 dollars at least, and I think it's quite a hassle to try and get that money back if you later decide to cancel the SRRV and leave.

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I'm having a bit of trouble finding a doctor out here in the Province who will do the medical form. They don't understand the form, they've never heard of SRRV, and perhaps they don't like signing something they don't understand. The lab tests and chest x-ray were quite straightforward, but now I can't find a doctor to finish off the process.

Can someone who's done this please give me the name and address of the doctor they went to (in Cebu City/Lapu-Lapu/Mandaue)? If the doctor's done the SRRV form before, it should be much easier. Thanks! 

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Having finally completed all the requirements, paid all the money, and handed everything in at PRA Cebu, I would still say you can do this stuff yourself without an agent. If you live out in the Province, it's a bit more difficult. I went to PNB in Danao to open my USD account but they weren't interested/couldn't be bothered. So we went to Bank of Commerce in Lapu-Lapu where they were very welcoming and the branch manager has done SRRV applications before, which helps a lot. Similarly, we had a problem finding a doctor locally to sign the medical form, but PRA Cebu told us of a doctor nearby in Cebu City who was used to doing it, and we were in and out of the doctor's in ten minutes.

Finally, as long as your partner/girl friend doesn't look like a bar girl, I think it helps to go with her, or any friend, rather than doing it all by your wee self.

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2 hours ago, HappyinPH said:

as long as your partner/girl friend doesn't look like a bar girl, I think it helps to go with her

Perhaps for the newer members here you could explain to us exactly what a bar girl looks like?  Well at least the ones that you know.  

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