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US job market entry level

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On 9/22/2021 at 10:40 AM, lamoe said:

NFW - she's a cop ,so is live in bf - she typically carries her service Glock, a 38, baton, pepper spray:rip:. It's the 62 F in my BR that's driving me out.

Didn't mention - the posted starting rate was $12.50 which I would have accepted. While waiting in interviewer's office noticed a white board that had "need to fill" 13 part time and 4 full time positions - that's just at this store - when she came back in I mentioned it to her and said "now I see why I'm getting the quick responses to my applications  online". :biggrin_01: She then said  "would you like to go full time ? it pays more." "No thank you". "How many hours would you be willing to work in a day, days in a week, overtime,will you take $15.35 an hour?" (EDIT: Fat fingered - it's $15.50)Get the feeling that's full time starting.

They did drug test sample there - send out of results - and I did background info / permissions on line at home.  She skipped the required 2 I.D.s (took divers license) and said she'd try to get background "passed" waved to get me onboard asap and await results..

Now that I have a "bird in the hand" I can be a little more picky with the "two in the bush" coming up.

Have an in person interview on Thursday and a phone one on Friday.

The type of store determines starting wage. Fast food national chain up there, but the Dollar General, $5 and Below, are at $11.50

Another point. There were two people also there for interviews. Probably in 20's. Both in T-shits and ripped jeans. Me business casual - long sleeve dress shirt, slacks, leather shows. $12.50 an hour?

Again, anyone who says they can't get a job (as long as minimally presentable) can get one easily.

Good on ya Moe. At least you are having a go and that's to be admired. I am 76, half dead with cancer and still working (not physical stuff) and would not have it any other way.   Hope it works out for you there.

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