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Cebu Lechon Restaurant...but not in Cebu!

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Spent the week in New Orleans to visit one of our daughters, and before we got there, she found a Filipino restaurant on Facebook called Cebu Lechon. Sounds great, figured we give it a shot. She had talked to the owner, and ordered 5 pounds of lechon for my wife to bring back to NC with us. Having no idea of the operation, my daughter called to confirm the order and make reservations to eat, he said he may be busy and it was recommended.

Drove to Algiers, not the most pleasant of areas there, following the GPS. End up at a house in a run down neighborhood, and started to just leave, when we turned the corner and saw the sign at the front door! Decided to go in and check it out, the guy had a restaurant in his living room, 3 tables, and people inside eating. We sat down, ordered the platter, and the food was excellent! Crispy pata, pancit, BBQ pork belly, lechon, fried rice, all of it was excellent.

It's a small world...talking to the owner and asking about his roots, turns out he is my wife's second cousin ...go figure! If you're ever in Algiers, give it a try, we were not disappointed.

Cebu 1.jpg

Cebu 3.jpg

Cebu 4.jpg

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