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Pinoy fishermen find device with Chinese characters

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Filipino fishermen in Infanta town in Pangasinan discovered a device with Chinese markings, which experts say is used for oil exploration.

In Raffy Tima's "Saksi" report, the fisherfolk found the device last July 1. The device had Chinese markings and was still operating.

Non-government organization Peoples Development Institute (PDI) identified the device as ocean bottom seismometer or OBS.

Maritime law expert Jay Batongbacal said the OBS is being used for detecting earthquakes and oil exploration.

"That device, according to the manufacturer, is useful for detecting earthquakes and determining the characteristics of the ocean.  It is also used for oil exploration," he said.

He added that the OBS came from one of the Chinese scientific research vessels near Pangasinan, which is monitoring the Philippine economic exclusive zone without the country's consent.

Batongbacal further said that if the device is being used for oil exploration, it would be a violation of international law for entering Philippine territorial waters.

"It is a concern dahil ang purpose ng device can be used for oil exploration, which will be a violation of our EEZ (exclusive economic zone)," he said.

The device has been turned over to the Philippine Navy's intelligence group for evaluation. The Philippine Navy, however, refused to comment on the matter.

Fishermen who uncovered the device did not issue a statement for fear of their safety.

Philippine security forces had deployed vessels to monitor the Kalayaan Island Group. Recently, the Philippine Coast Guard's (PCG) vessel drove away a Chinese Navy Ship in Palawan last week. 




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5 hours ago, Dafey said:

Fishermen who uncovered the device did not issue a statement for fear of their safety.

Lol 😂 

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I find devices with Chinese written all over them all the time.. In fact i'm looking at one now!

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