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Our (not so boring) Simple Life on a Tiny Private Island in Mindanao

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   The 'center core' net is progressing nicely. Our local internet is returning to a resemblance of normal, enough that I can again begin to post video clips onto YouTube, as we were all but down for the last two months. I use a rather cheap 'Go Pro' knockoff to shoot all my wet and underwater camera work, certainly inferior to that of an actual 'Go Pro' but sufficient to allow me to still take a decent enough image or vid. Maybe next year I can actually upgrade to a real 'Go Pro' unit, as the resolution quality of a $40 knockoff is lacking at best, compared to that of a $500 'Go Pro' unit. But being able to not having to worry about losing my cell phone to an accidental blunder, still makes it quite a useful tool. I have several image and video editing programs which I have accumulated over the years, which has allowed me to make the best from what I have so far, but I will have to upgrade my equipment if I am going to be able to be able to improve the quality of my imagery. Inferior digital imagery can only be manipulated so far, and only an increase in pixelation and resolution can resolve that conundrum. I can easily show you a prime example.

   This video is of the same net project, which I was finally able to upload early this morning. The video was taken with my handy little SportsCam 1080p Pro-30 which is rated at 45(meter) depth, with the pixelation and resolution being quite limited it has still has been sufficient enough to allow me to document my projects well enough. But it is a mere children's toy compared to that of an actual 'Go Pro' unit having much higher pixelation and resolution capability. With actual builtin image-stability which I could never achieve with a $50 SportsCam 1080p Pro-30 'Go Pro knockoff'. Without this builtin 'image-stability' capability means I am solely dependent on outside software, which will always be a degrading factor to both my images and videos.  Builtin 'image-stability' capability helps minimize shaky videos, and if a little instability, then one can still resort to using a de-shaking software (such as VirtualDub) with higher success.

   So for the time-being, my little trusty knockoff will just have to do. And now that our internet service has finally beginning to return. Means I have quite a few images and videos clips requiring editing and uploading, so I have a sizable backlog of new content to add to this forum thread.



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