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Double Decker Cabins...you think you are cramped now?

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These double-decker airplane cabin concepts could be the future of flying

Airplane seat designers have long been dreaming up innovative economy cabin concepts, looking for the ideal balance between squeezing in as many passengers in as possible, and keeping the experience relatively enjoyable for fliers.



And while the stand-up airplane seats that have been floating around for the past few years have yet to see the light of day, and the airplane seat overhaul that looked to be on the horizon last year in the wake of the pandemic never quite materialized, there are still many designers working to revolutionize the airplane cabin.


Always keeping an eye on the latest updates and innovations is the Crystal Cabin Awards, known for spotlighting the newest trends in airplane interiors.

After the pandemic delayed the announcement of the 2020 award winners, this year the Crystal Cabin Awards has shrunk down its usual eight categories to two key awards that recognize where aviation is right now: the Judges' Choice category and Clean and Safe Air Travel award.

From stretching out your legs on the bottom section of a multi-level economy seat cabin to curling up in a compartment built into the overheard locker, the nominees offer a glimpse into the potential future of flying.

Dual level cabin

One of the most intriguing concepts on the Judges' Choice shortlist is the Chaise Longue Economy Seat Project, which envisages a dual-level seat cabin, with each row alternating between on-floor seating, and seats elevated a few meters above ground.

The design is credited to 21-year-old student Alejandro Núñez Vicente who hails from Spain but studies at TU Delft University in the Netherlands. Núñez Vicente tells CNN Travel that his experiences traveling across Europe in economy partly inspired the idea.

Fed up with a lack of leg room, he realized elevating the seat row in front would solve the issue. His design eradicates the overhead luggage compartment, allowing for more space in the cabin for higher level seats. Instead, luggage is stored in compartments under the seat.





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