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VA phone appt and med shipping info

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I had a couple VA appointments scheduled last month but I wasn't interested in risking 14 days in quarantine and covid testing etc. for that.  So they rescheduled for this month as phone appointments.  So two weeks ago I'm sitting next to my loaded, fully charged, sound on phone and got nothing.  After 20 minutes I checked secure messaging and there was a note they'd been trying to call several times and got subscriber not available.  I told them I was sitting there waiting and not on the phone and the phone didn't show any attempts.  

The second doctor called and we talked for half an hour so at the end I asked him to tell the others whatever he dialed to get to me and he said he would.  Then I sent a secure message referring them to the Doctor that called and reminding them I'm in Cebu.  They rescheduled the 1st appointment for a couple days ago and no problems.  So, if you do a phone appointment, make sure they know they have to dial whatever it is to call in Cebu.

Yesterday I received meds from the 1st appointment.  They came in the normal 2GO pouch but I noticed the delivery van was a UPS truck so if you're on the lookout for a meds delivery, you might be looking for Mr. Brown.

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