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Flying In & Out of the Philippines During Pandemic

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Oh, and PAL has the best bartenders, er stewardae. I don't drink much, maybe three beers in the last 6 months, but I do like to have a drink early in a long flight to make sleeping easier. So I'm looking on the dinner menu for drinks and decide on a Screwdriver since they list Cossack Vodka. When the cart comes by I ask for OJ and Vodka. She thinks I said water and then something else so I had to point to it on the menu. Still confused but she said she'd come back. She did, with a full cup of Vodka.  Like 5 or 6 shots. After waking up from that, I got another. I slept pretty good through that flight.  Really didn't seem like 16 hours. 

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FYI Update - I arrived in Manila last night from San Francisco. All went very smoothly. The NAIA process was much much simpler and smoother than a year ago: 30 minutes to the taxi. Only snag was the i

It's only May. These rules will change 6 more times before July.

5 hours in the transit area in Taiwan.  They had food available at a bit high but not outrageous prices. It was freezing in there. Outside temp was 73, please open a window. Yikes.   Flight to LA

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That is good news that the U.S. has dropped the testing requirement for re-entry for fully vaccinated US passport holders.

Anecdotally I arrived in Manila on June 8th, all I had to show was my passport and my OneHealth printout.  There was a special station enroute to immigration where they were checking the OneHealth pass, but they were checking it "en masse" where all you had to do was show that you had one by waving it or waving an image of it on your cell phone.  They were not scanning it or even checking that it belonged to you - - only that you had one in your possession.




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6 hours ago, Chris24 said:

That is good news that the U.S. has dropped the testing requirement for re-entry for fully vaccinated US passport holders.

Not planning to re-enter US any time soon when I return to PH in a few weeks but it's certainly a move toward sanity. 

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