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Rabis treatment available in the PH?

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Does anyone know the Rabis treatment in the PH?  What does it consist of and how much does it cost?  Salamat

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Oh man, it is crazy, I think you should watch Bud Brown in you tube in Duma and how the shots affected his mind.

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Do you mean the anti rabies vaccine? 
It is usually free if they have stock at the local municipal health center. If not it’s off to a private clinic and usually around 1k per shot. 
I had rabies shots a few years ago and it had no side affects. Done at the local center and I donated 300 for their merienda. 

There is no cure for Rabies. A friend of my wife’s died a few years back from a small scratch from a cat. 

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I don't know with the other places but here in Lapu-Lapu, it is usually done at the City health center if they have a stock it's for free but if not, they will call another patient as your partner in buying the vaccine. Usually, it's the dogs owner responsibility to shoulder the expenses(buying the vaccine) but in my case, the owner of the dog don't want to pay and  I don't wanna waste time arguing with the old man with his shenanigan, I just paid the half price of the vaccine and the other half was paid by the other patient.

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