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Looking for partners for mobile Pizza Pub operation !! Turn key business

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2 hours ago, BossHog said:

A professional pizza oven is like 400C; how crazy hot would it be inside that thing?

Might be more suitable as a roving Covid crematorium!

Mmmm  is there a very unpolitically correct  antisemitic joke in there somewhere ??

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5 hours ago, Davaoeno said:

Well it seems that you have found the ideal business for you then!!  Please keep us advised as to which gas station you are parked in front of ! 😊

not me bro but the guy is making a killing charging $7-$10 usd a gyro

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Your cars, fellows, looks to have being participating in 2 World Wars. And lost both of them...

One can make a small fortune in the Philippines - if one start with a big fortune.

Seriously I would rather spend some money just for overlooking this cars with a beer - then you can foret the pizza for me.... 

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On 2/17/2021 at 10:12 AM, Davaoeno said:

All we have to do is to buy the pizza ingredients and the beer and hire a couple of hot chicks

The sixteen year old boy, surviving deep in my soul, thinks his is the best idea ever.

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