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Oh well,,I might rephrase my Post.

I assumed her (my wife's) pronunciation was the local Style as she was born in Daanbantaan and has Aunt's in BOGO.

Anyway I'm going north in a couple of weeks i might try to get a audio recording of a local...and if possible ?. post it......

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After living here so long, I find the way foreigners pronounce Filipino words to be the most amusing.  ...barren GAY... ...see boo... ...uh lie uh... uh lay uh... (mangled Ayala) A

I learned a new word today, my wife was telling me “ they now have Sp(eye)-nich at the local pizzeria.” I laughed a little and it didn’t go over well.   

Oh well ya gonna get me into trouble but I will agree and give you good example. My nephew works as  a GLOBE contractor. (Fiber installer). The company is called DUBLIN (it's on the side of

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