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Demographics of the U.S. Military

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Part of the skew in age is that the vast majority of officers commissioned are 22+ so within 2 years fall into the second group. Many enlist as teenagers.

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FYI, It’s 2021 now and the five services are:

Air Force

- Space force 



- Marines


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9 minutes ago, Soupeod said:

FYI, It’s 2021 now and the five services are:

Air Force

- Space force 



- Marines


Poor forgotten Coasties.

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Semper paratus
2 hours ago, Soupeod said:

FYI, It’s 2021 now and the five services are:

Air Force

- Space force 



- Marines


U.S. Coast Guard 

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4 hours ago, Semper paratus said:

U.S. Coast Guard 

ok so:


- Marines

- Coast Guard ( in time of war )


Coast Guard Missions The Coast Guard does not fall under the Department of Defense. Until recently, the Coast Guard was under the Department of Transportation. Recent legislation has move the Coast Guard to the newly created Department of Homeland Defense.

However, the Coast Guard is considered a military service, because, during times of war or conflict, the President of the United States can transfer any or all assets of the Coast Guard to the Department of the Navy. In fact, this has been done in almost every single conflict that the United States have ever been involved in. The Coast Guard is commanded by a 4-star admiral, known as the Coast Guard Commandant.

( more at the link )

There are six in time of war.


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On 1/31/2021 at 5:27 AM, Soupeod said:


- Space force 

I want to change my last name to Spiff and join up.

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7 hours ago, SkyMan said:

I want to change my last name to Spiff and join up.

I should lead the Space Force. I've been a space cadet all my life.

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10 hours ago, SkyMan said:

I want to change my last name to Spiff and join up.

Reminds me of galaxy quest - Space Force!

Does the Air Force times still publish those age stats annually? 
Not sure if the Army and rest of the services did.

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The following Air Force active duty demographics information is current as of 31 October 2020. These statistics are from the current inventory and does notinclude the Guard, Reserve or AirForce Academy (approx 4,000 cadets).

Snapshot of the Air Force

329,839 Active Duty

64,025 Officers

265,814 Enlisted

The Air Force has 12,395 pilots, 3,313 navigators and 1,343 air battle managers in the grade of lieutenant colonel and below. The Air Force has 26,097 nonrated line officers in the grade of lieutenant colonel and below.


35 average age of the officer force

28 average age for enlisted force

39% are below the age of 26

45% of enlisted are below 26

13% of officers are below 26

Women first entered pilot training in 1976, navigator training in 1977 and fighter pilot training in 1993.

21.1% women

22.4% of the officers are women and

20.8% of enlisted corps are women

59% of the female officers are line officers; 41% are nonline

85% of the male officers are line officers; 15% are nonline

69,722 total population of women

838 female pilots; 375 navigators; 252 air battle managers

The following percentages, which are self-reported, cover Air Force military members' racial information.

71% White

15% Black or African American

4.3% Asian

0.7% American Indian / Native Alaskan

1.2% Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander

4.5% Identified more than one race

3.5% Declined to respond

"Hispanic or Latino" is considered an ethnic, not a racial, category that is registered separately and in addition to the above racial categories.

15.6% Hispanic or Latino

80.1% Not Hispanic or Latino

4.2% Declined to respond

Marital Status

54% married, which is 69% of the officers and 50% of enlisted

30,253 active duty members married to another active duty member

1,496 married to members of other military services

141,198 active duty members married to other (non military)

81 active duty members married to Reserve/Guard other service

4,206 active duty married to USAFR/ANG

152,605 active duty members are not married

Family Members

385,195 family members are supported by active duty personnel

300,725 family members reside in an Airman's household

20.2% of the current force is assigned overseas (including Alaska and Hawaii), which includes

9,138 officers and 57,626 enlisted personnel

Officer Academic Education

53.2% of officers have advanced or professional degrees

41.3% have master's degrees

9.6% have professional degrees

2.3% have doctorate degrees

Company Grade Officers

26.5% of company grade officers have advanced degrees

19.1% have master's degrees

6.6% have professional degrees

0.8% have doctorate degrees

Field Grade Officers

86.7% of field grade officers have advanced degrees

69.7% have master's degrees

12.9% have professional degrees

4.1% have doctorate degrees

Enlisted Academic Education

60.2% completed some college

23.0% have associate's degrees

9.4% have bachelor's degrees

2.1% have master's degree

0.027% have professional degrees

Airmen Tier

84.14% have some college

2.971% have associate's degrees

1.957% have bachelor's degrees

0.128% have master's degree

0.010% have professional degrees

NCO Tier

48.71% some college

39.079% have associate's degrees

10.755% have bachelor's degrees

1.242% have master's degree

0.014% have professional degrees

Senior NCO Tier

5.87% some college

48.936% have associate's degrees

33.122% have bachelor's degrees

11.736% have master's degrees

0.125% have professional degrees

Officer Developmental Education

30.08% of officers have completed one or more developmental education courses either in residence or by correspondence

6,663 have completed at least one senior developmental course

12,540 have completed an intermediate course

58 have completed basic developmental course

Source of commission

40.8% commissioned through Reserve Officer Training Corps

22.2% commissioned through the Air Force Academy

20.5% commissioned through Officer Training School

16.5% commissioned through other sources (direct appointment, etc.)


Civilian Employee Demographics
- As of: 31 December 2020 

Employee Type 

150,533 U.S. Citizen/Permanent/Full-Time (USPFT) Employees 

Type of Work 

22.3% Professional 

40.8% Administrative 

11.3% Technical 

2.5% Clerical 

2.5% Other 

20.6% Blue Collar 

Air Reserve Technicians 

9,491 Air Force Reserve Technicians 


Average Age: 47.3 

Length of Service 

Average Years of Service: 13.7 

Retirement Eligibility 

23.2% Become eligible in over 20 years 

28.3% Become eligible in 11-20 years 

16.3% Become eligible in 6-10 years 

17.9% Become eligible in 1-5 years 

10.9% Became eligible 0-5 years ago 

2.9% Became eligible over 5 years ago 

0.5% Unknown 


29.5% Female 

70.5% Male 


8.7% Hispanic or Latino 

91.3% Not Hispanic/Latino 


1.3% American Indian or Alaska Native 

3.8% Asian 

13.1% Black or African American 

0.6% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 

73.5% White 

3.3% Two or more races 

4.4% None reported 


3.7% Overseas 

96.3% CONUS 

Military Service 

5.1% Retired Officer 

20.1% Retired Enlisted 

30% Some Military Service (Not Retired) 

44.8% No Military Service 

Education (White Collar) 

0.2% Unknown Education Level 

< .1% < H.S./GED 

22.3% H.S./GED 

13.7% AA/Some College 

29.5% BA 

31.2% MA 

3% PhD/Professional Degree 

Education (Blue Collar) 

0.3% Unknown Education Level 

0.3% < H.S./GED 

74.6% H.S./GED 

18.3% AA/Some College 

5.5% BA 

0.9% MA 

< .1% PhD/Professional Degree


AFPC maintains statistics for the active-duty force. Statistics for the Air National Guard or the Air Force Reserve, if available, would be accessed from the buttons below.


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