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How to spot counterfeit money

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According to Moneymax, here is how you can spot counterfeit money:

Pay Attention to the Color and Serial Number-  fake ones would either be lighter or brighter in color.

Check the Texture- counterfeiters would not be able to replicate the real bill’s subtly rough texture so fake peso bills will come out smoother.

Look for Raised Text and Images- the text and numerical value at the bottom should be raised as well as they are embossed.

Try Damaging the Bill- Rub some water on the paper bill. If the color smudges and the bill starts tearing, it could be a sign that it is fake money.

Check for the Watermark-  try putting the white space of the peso bill against a light source, and check for the watermark. If there is, check if it matches the image on the right side.

Check Security Thread- PHP 20 and PHP 50 bills have a 2mm wide thread, while PHP 100, PHP 200, PHP 500, and PHP 1000 bills have 4mm.

Mind the Hologram- On the front left of the PHP 500 and PHP 1000 bills, check if there is a circular hologram patch on the front left. Make sure it changes colors when you tilt it.

Look at the Serial Number- Check the serial number–the characters in print should be ascending in size.

Consider the Changes in Design- BSP has updated the design of the current Philippine bills we have in circulation, also known as New Generation Currency (NGC) Banknotes.




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They got me for a 1000p when I was a newbie in the country along time back.A well dressed guy approached me while I was eating for change to pay his bill,being a softy I obliged..He asked me for change for another 1000p note since he saw what I had and for some reason I told him I needed it for myself.I realized a short time later after he left I had been had....I learned..

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